Come on now… are you still doing that Commuter Traffic Thing? [Free Graphic]

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Ironic indeed! And the best part is this graphic has already gone viral! People love sharing “The Traffic Graphic.” So…

Here’s a high-resolution version that you can use freely to help share the message of Network Marketing. Simply right click, copy the image and share with others! Yes, we have “Social Media Friendly” versions too! We’ve posted the graphic on the most popular social media sites to make it easy for you to share it with others!

Grab and share the MLM “Traffic Graphic” now at:
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Art Jonak

4 thoughts on “Come on now… are you still doing that Commuter Traffic Thing? [Free Graphic]

  1. MLM works and is the vehicle responsible for helping many people on the road to find financial independence, typically within 2-5 years. There is, however, much confusion and misunderstanding concerning this business model. A pyramid scheme has no real product so commissions are based on bringing new people into the scheme who in turn also bring new people into the scheme. It’s usually the people at the top that get the most while those at the bottom get very little. Eventually all pyramid schemes collapse because there is no real product being sold. MLM, on the other hand, usually has a very real product that is sold either by retail or through members personal purchases (usually both). Members are encouraged to build a network of distributors to market the product. In MLM you can earn more than those at the top if you apply some effort. In a pyramid scheme you can never earn more than those above you, so when investigating an MLM company see if you can find out if there are people earning more than their sponsors. (this is the crucial test to weed out pyramid schemes).

  2. This is what I have been searching for and I ultimately identified it right here. Wonderful post. I am so impressed. Could under no circumstances imagine my dream was so attainable with Network Marketing… You have a excellent information on this website in particular dealings with these kinds of topics.

    • There is really no “best” method. Your upline should be teaching you how to get prospects. Don’t try to get fancy. Everyone in your downline needs to be able to do the same things you are doing for you to have long term success. And using PICTURES like this is a great way to communicate that duplicates! Thank you!

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VIDEO: Conflict Resolution

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As network marketing leaders, we’re really doing two things:
1. Building a business, and..
2. Learning how to bond that business together.

What happens if conflict arises in your company or on your team?

How YOU handle drama determines whether you bond your business or break it.

A majority of network marketing training focuses on the first part, building of a business. Yet the key to compounding that growth, to kicking your business into momentum, to continually increasing the retention rate of your leadership, is hidden in the second part, learning how to bond that business together.

Growing your check from zero to $10,000 a month is one thing, preventing your check from going from $10,000 a month back to zero is another. The bond, the glue that holds it together and gives it a chance to keep growing is the trust that there are specific ways to handle conflict.

Conflict resolution is one of the key components to bonding your business together. And that’s the topic of this interview. Truly, this is one of the most important skills you as a leader can learn if you want to avoid the ‘revolving door’ syndrome. And there are few people better than Orrin Woodward at conflict resolution.

Create a culture of conflict resolution on your team. It’s the difference between making millions and losing millions. It can make or break your business.

The interview is eleven minutes long. And frankly, if you want to build a BIG network marketing team, this could be one of the most important videos you watch. If you’re like me, once it you watch it, you’ll wish it was longer!

As people on your team chase their dream, drama will enter into their life and that drama spills over into the organization. Most drama involves interpersonal relationships, and when drama permeates in a group, dreams are exterminated.

How you handle drama has a compound effect across your team. And often, when it’s not handled correctly, that drama is what stalls the growth of the team. Take the time today to start to understand the skill of conflict resolution… watch the video.

“In this portion, we dive into resolution of drama for the good of the entire community. Imagine how much bigger community building would be if all leaders focused on both building and bonding their communities. Indeed, the communities would double in no time at all. As a leader, are you majoring on dreams or drama? With this answer, I can accurately predict the size of your community (organization).” – Orrin Woodward

In case you missed it, here’s Part 1 of my interview with Orrin Woodward.

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Orrin Woodward, Randy Gage, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Orjan & Hilde Saele, Donna Imson, Chris Brady, Jordan Adler, Sarah Fairless Robbins… these are just some of the great Network Marketing leaders who will be sharing their insights at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event. It’s going to be an incredible event! If you don’t haven’t done so already, get your tickets today!

I look forward to seeing you at the Mastermind Event! :)

Art Jonak

PS: What’s your favorite part of the video? Would you like to see more videos like this? Please share your comments below.

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Conflict Resolution

  1. I like the part of the video that talks about communication and how communication is the tool we must have to resolve drama or conflict. All parties must give their perspective and it give a different picture than just wallowing in your perspective. When everyone understands what the conflict is as viewes by each participant, communication can begin. From there you can start building a business and bonding the participants together.

  2. Wow! Such a VITAL topic yet I’ve never heard anyone address this in our business! I really appreciate your giving!!! THANKS! THANKS! THANKS!!!!!

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