VIDEO: How to spot the SECOND LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

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Did you know that increasing your retention (how many people stay on your team) by just a few percentage points, compounded over time, can make a massive difference in your bonus check? It can be the difference between creating a ‘residual income’ and a ‘legacy income.’ And it’s another reason you want to keep the Laws of Decline away from your organization.

In today’s video, Art Jonak and Orrin Woodward cover The Second Law of Decline…
( In case you missed it, you can watch the First Law of Decline here. )

COMMENT! “If you could plan a trip anywhere in the world for yourself and your best friend/spouse, where would you like to go?”

Once you develop a royalty income through your network marketing business, the world is your oyster! You have the ability and the freedom to go just about anywhere. So why not start making your list now! :)

Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers, there are thousands of places people want a to visit! I’m curious to see how big of a list we can compile. :)

Post your answer in the comments below… 


Did you know? Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz wrote a book written about the MLM Cruise that I host along with Tom “Big Al” Schreiter? Cool! :)

Here’s to Your Success!

Art Jonak

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50 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to spot the SECOND LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

  1. Oh my…Bora Bora – first on my mind…been on my live list since absolutely forever – Rick and I both share this dream/goal – we know one day it will happen ;)

  2. I would like to go to Kiev and Pinsk in Russia. This is where my grandmother was born. I have tried to trace my family roots but impossible because the records, if any are hand written.

  3. I would very much like to make the “Camino de Santiago” or Way of St. James pilgrimage in Spain. Spiritual discipline in our lives allows us to experience life more fully.

  4. There are so many places I’d like to go. Italy and Sicily seem like a perfect place to start. Since I’m planning a dream vacation I’d like to extend it a little bit and hop on over to Australia.

    I can’t wait for my business to grow enough to get me there!

  5. There are many tempting places. I love Europe and have visited some part of it but not England, So I would go to England and travel up to Scotland and see as much of it as possible.

  6. I would like to go to Tahiti. I have been dating the same guy for 10 years. I told him when he is able to take me to Tahiti, I will marry him. Either he doesn’t really love me or he doesn’t know how to do network marketing (LOL, maybe I had better win and give him the book!

  7. I know this may sound cheesey to many people but I am being sincere when I tell you that the place I am seeking is a place within myself that I have not been able to access within the place called me…..I am a believer….it is not so much a spiritual thing as it is a mind blockage. I would like to get to that place, deal with the blockage and take my family there as well so that they can be free from that blockage. My parents had a retail store so part of the blockage comes from this place.
    Now if I have to go to Costa Rica or Hawaii or Roatan to find that place, I certainly would not complain!:)

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