LIVE HOT SEAT VIDEO #1: So You Want To Be A Network Marketing Rock Star!

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What if YOU could do a presentation, live on the Mastermind Event stage? And then have a panel of multi-million dollar earning Network Marketing rock star judges give you feedback and insights on how you did… and how you could make your presentation even better? Would you volunteer?

Well that’s exactly what six brave volunteers did during the “So You Want To Be A Network Marketing Rock Star!” session at the Direct Selling Mastermind Event. They each did a 3-minute presentation on the main stage. Then I joined rock star judges Randy Gage, Sarah Robbins and Orjan Saele and we conducted live “hot seats” with the volunteers. It turned into one of the most popular sessions that day.

Guess who enjoyed playing the role of Simon Cowell? :)

In this video you’ll see why this type of “interactive training” works great for the volunteer and why the audience ends up benefiting the most! It features one of the six hot-seat volunteers

COMMENT! Would you like to see more training like this?
The more comments we get, the more likely we are to release a second hot seat. :)
Post your answer in the comments below…

Here’s to your success!

Art Jonak

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Randy Gage, Sarah Robbins, Orjan Saele and Art Jonak conduct LIVE hot seats with volunteers from the Mastermind Event audience.

27 thoughts on “LIVE HOT SEAT VIDEO #1: So You Want To Be A Network Marketing Rock Star!

  1. Art,
    This is a great idea. Having that type of scenario would push a true leader to self-evaluate and get better. I say, YES!!!

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  4. Awesome stuff! Truly, the one thing still missing in most presentations (and yet, is most critical) is interaction…

    Would love to see more stuff like this, and hopefully will be able to present like them some day….

  5. Yeah, the idea of this hot seat is good, but I prefer to be with ordinary people, who aren’t so famous, but have success in Networking Marketing their way. Randy Gage is well known. Not everyone supports and uses his methods. For me and some of my friends is aggressive. There are plenty of people, who are in Network Business, but not famous at all. They have their methods and stories which should be heard and implemented. I always hear that Network Business is for “everyone”. If so, where is “everyone” unknown? Just my point of view.

  6. interactive format lends to more involvement throughout the audience and subsequently more is retained and absorbed.

  7. What a cool idea, but wow—I don’t know how people get the nerve to do it. It is a terrific format and I look forward to seeing more.

    The speaker was compelling and poised, and seeing Art Jonak and Randy Gage was icing on the cake!

    Bravo to all concerned!

  8. Wow, Not something that I would have the confidence to do despite having spoken to groups of about 250-300 people. I can appreciate the chance of feedback from experts though.

  9. Wow brave girl to get up not only in front of a big crowd but also the panel – well done really looking forward to more vids like this ;)

  10. Este sí que es un efectivo método de entrenamiento para el éxito. Qué excelente oportunidad poder hacer parte del Mastermind Event.

    This really is an effective training method for success. What a tremendous opportunity to be part of the Mastermind Event.

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