LIVE HOT SEAT VIDEO #2: So You Want To Be A Network Marketing Rock Star!

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What if YOU could do a presentation, live on the Mastermind Event stage? And then have a panel of multi-million dollar earning Network Marketing rock star judges give you feedback and insights on how you did… and how you could make your presentation even better? Would you volunteer?

Well that’s exactly what six brave volunteers did during the “So You Want To Be A Network Marketing Rock Star!” session at the Direct Selling Mastermind Event. They each did a 3-minute presentation on the main stage. Then I joined rock star judges Randy Gage, Sarah Robbins and Orjan Saele and we conducted live “hot seats” with the volunteers. It turned into one of the most popular sessions that day.

In this video you’ll see why this type of “interactive training” works great for the volunteer and why the audience ends up benefiting the most! It features one of the six hot-seat volunteers.

If you missed it, here’s a link to the LIVE HOT SEAT VIDEO #1:

Here’s to your success!

Art Jonak

Randy Gage, Sarah Robbins, Orjan Saele and Art Jonak conduct LIVE hot seats with volunteers from the Mastermind Event audience.

5 thoughts on “LIVE HOT SEAT VIDEO #2: So You Want To Be A Network Marketing Rock Star!

  1. The sharing session and critical feedback by Gurus of Networking was just awesome.. a lot of things i have picked up.. looking forward for more…

  2. That is some inspirational stuff! Never knew about this type of learning environment. Would love to see more hot seats.

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