Using Contests To Build Your Network Marketing Business

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Conversations with Network Marketing Masterminds: Wes Linden | Contests
A Mastermind Event Original Series.

Wes Linden has helped build a Network Marketing organization that does over $100 million a year in sales. He is also a presenter at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event.

I caught up with him in Estepona, Spain for a few days of masterminding, food and fun. In this video I ask him how he runs contests to generate volume and retention on his team.

We discuss high-level contests as well as contests that allow everyone on your team to participate. We cover the “bonfire effect” as well as the importance of creating a culture that allows for “magical moments.”


COMMENT! What‘s one thing you love about Network Marketing?

Feel free to share this video with your team and other network marketers your know.

Here’s to your success!

Art Jonak

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15 thoughts on “Using Contests To Build Your Network Marketing Business

  1. Flexibility on time+helping others to better lifestyle by saving and making money. As Jim Rohn says Helping many others to achieve to get what they want leads to Greatness. If you can only see 50feet in Fog then walk 50 feet then you can see further 50 feet. So keeping up the good work.x

  2. I love the health empowerment that is specific to my business, and the networking aspect is thrilling bc I get to help my friends grow their income and life empowerment–I am watching them blossom and thrive like never before and I am in awe and it is inspiring! I LOVE IT!! FREEEEEDOM!!

  3. The one thing I love about network marketing is becoming the person you know exists within,and through the journey of becoming a successful networker you develop the ability to help and educate more people like me…A beginner growing through the ranks.

  4. What I love about Network Marketing is finding new friends, working towards goals that I never ever thought possible, making my own hours and being with my kids when I need to!!!

  5. I love it all! Especially the freedom. I have more friends then I have ever had in my life because of my team and MLM, I love the company I work for and the products! Travel is a plus and the ability to make as much money as I want dependant upon how hard I work my business…it is all in my hands!

  6. I like the fact that you can Full time on your job while you work Part time on your fortune. Then one day you go into work and tell the boss you can no longer find time in your life for your Full time Job!

  7. What I love most about Network Marketing is that I am able to incorporate the aspects of both sides of my Passion into one “job” that never feels like work. (I actually feel a bit guilty about that from time to time). Time with my family, time with my friends, AND helping to show others the joy of earning an income while helping others and making a difference. WOW.

  8. The one thing I love about Network Marketing is the ability to make an unlimited income if you choose to.

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