Four Years or Forty Years!

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4 Years or 40 Years

4 Years or 40 Years
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It’s amazing how people think 4 years is a long time to succeed in a Network Marketing business… but think it’s alright to stay broke at a job for 40 years.

COMMENT BELOW ►►► Do you think the traditional “40-Year Plan” over?
Why or why not? Would people prefer a 20-year, 10-year or 4-year plan?

Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of INCOME!

Art Jonak

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6 thoughts on “Four Years or Forty Years!

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  2. With me, it was like 8 years job, then 4 year self-employed, then 4 years hard work in MLM, then freedom until now – almost 15 years. But the big change was brought by Robert Kiyosaki. I am sure that more and more people are thinnking about freedom, and the key is financial lteracy. And, I am sure that most people don’t bother and prefer not to think – unfortunately. Well, it’s a free world. I don’t mind to go to restaurants where people work for a living, as the money I spend there servt e others, while at the same time I a get service.
    If people realize and have the guts to go for their dream, I guess, it doesn’t matter which path in life they choose – as long as they are happy.

  3. 40 years vs 4 years…
    Because it has been drilled into your head, that’s life, deal with it!
    When one has never been around anyone in their life time that has been successful by way of ” Network Marketing “, there is NO belief.
    First thoughts, a waste of time, don’t waste your money! Unless you are open minded enough to think out of the box, you will never understand what you are missing, the friends you will make. It is difficult when all around you from those closest to you, all you hear is negative. That is when you show strength and determination to prove this system works, by those who have already had to prove to others as well as you do now. STAY STRONG, STAY FOCUSED!
    Success will be yours, don’t miss the ride!!!

  4. My wife and I almost worked the forty years plan then came across Utility Warehouse in the UK. Last month we received notification that my wife’s state pension, which was due to be paid this month, it’s not now being paid for another 6 YES 6 years when she reaches 66. Am I glad we chose plan B, Network Marketing. Just wish we had come across it sooner.

  5. The 40 year plan was already fading, and recent government mandates (like Obamacare, unemployment insurance, etc) have made it harder for employers to hire full-time employees. Many employees have had their hours cut, but their bills were not. We will see an increase of independent contractors and people needing to create small businesses in order to bridge income gaps.

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