How Do You Eliminate The Competition?

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Network Marketing Success Tips: How To Eliminate The Competition
A Mastermind Event Original Series.


Well, you can. And I share exactly how in this audio.

Listen in as I share a “60-second Network Marketing strategy” that instantly gets your prospect to forget about all the competition… and marries them directly to you.

And remember, it’s virtually impossible to get ahead financially in Network Marketing jumping from company to company to company…

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COMMENT BELOW! What would you do with an extra $20,000?

Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of FREEDOM!

Art Jonak

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Art Jonak is the founder of the Mastermind Event, an entrepreneur and a successful Network Marketer. If you find these updates helpful, please share them.

34 thoughts on “How Do You Eliminate The Competition?

  1. I would get myself to mastermind 2014 and then to my company’s annual convention. I would bring my leaders and my friends to learn why nwm is the way we can impact the world the most effeciently and purposefully. What a ride

    that would be!

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  3. Art I would take the $20000 and reinvest into my team, getting them to events to build more belief and excitement, provide self development resources to expand their mind sets, hold team culture events and customer appreciation party’s. Development of your team is key to success so why not reinvest into your biggest asset! See you at MM!

  4. Thank God…Since my home is paid for, I’d up date my vehicle, pay a small debt and enroll or hire someone to teach/train me more on marketing for dummies last but not least help someone in need

  5. Since we have 4 kids and 2 adults living in a 2 bedroom condo. I would save it to put towards a down payment on a new home.

  6. I would pay off my bills and then use that story to tell people how I made $20,000 with my network marketing company and paid off all my bills. Then I would ask them if they would be interested in seeing how they can do the same thing with my help.

  7. With an extra $20,000, I would invest a few thousand (at least) in myself ~ more personal development and trainings. I would then put a chunk into my business for marketing materials and branding myself. I’d probably pay some toward my house and take my family on a cool trip too. :-)

  8. I would pay off a little debt, and help 2 of my group catch up on their debts, which is over $5000.00. Then, I will update my car. (really badly needed. I have a picture.) THen, I would fulfill a plan to feed 50 people this Thanksgiving. I plan to do this annually, forever. So, this is just a start. 50 families this year, and up it by 50% each and every year. So, in 15 years, it will be over 10,000 families. What a goal, huh?? It’ll be awesome, America, Bless God! All my blessed, Reed~<

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