How Do You Eliminate The Competition?

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Network Marketing Success Tips: How To Eliminate The Competition
A Mastermind Event Original Series.


Well, you can. And I share exactly how in this audio.

Listen in as I share a “60-second Network Marketing strategy” that instantly gets your prospect to forget about all the competition… and marries them directly to you.

And remember, it’s virtually impossible to get ahead financially in Network Marketing jumping from company to company to company…

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COMMENT BELOW! What would you do with an extra $20,000?

Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of FREEDOM!

Art Jonak

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34 thoughts on “How Do You Eliminate The Competition?

  1. Great marketing thoughts, my mind started to sing gaga after I listed your mastermind 2014. I am sure to increase revenue of my business following your success mantra !! Cheers.

  2. I feel a little shy to disclose our plans online. I will try to describe our dream. We are already implementing them so I am describing what I would do with an extra $20,000 as a one time gift or a monthly income; our plan is the same. My husband and I have a farm providing our area with nutrient dense grassfed meats, milk and eggs (his passion). In addition, we teach people about health and wellness through nutrition and essential oils (my passion).

    We would use the money to empower people by providing jobs and housing for the willing to work but disadvantaged in our area. The labor would generate additional income so we can help even more people. We would provide on the job training. We can offer a diverse range of jobs for different skill sets from farming to computers to essential oils–the imagination is the limit. A job that you love is so empowering that it isn’t even work.

    We would invest in housing so we could provide higher quality homes for all the families. A “real” house is such a big deal for people. It gives a sense of personal pride which raises them up.

    Ultimately, we feel God has called us to serve Him by serving and empowering His people.

  3. I would breathe easier and continue working to build by marketing business. It would make it easier to attend the event in Orlando and get my kids taken care of this year. Regardless, I will keep working and learning!

  4. Wonderful question! Hmmmm….there are so many possibilities, but I would start with about buying the leaders on the Great Drops of Joy this same CD set, since we live all over the US. I would offer our macDaddy set of oils in a contest for them and maybe one just for new distributors! The rest I would use to develop some branding and marketing.

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