“Come on now… are you still doing that Corporate Pyramid Thing?” [InfoGraphic]

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Here’s a high-resolution version of an infographic that you can use freely
to help share the message of Network Marketing. Here’s a sample:

Rigth click and save as in three different sizes: 500px | 750px | 1100px

Right click and save as in three different sizes:500px | 750px | 1100px

Yes, we have “Social Media Friendly” versions too!

We’ve also posted on many of the most popular social media websites to make it easy for you to share!

Go grab and share the InfoGraphic now at:

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Art Jonak

5 thoughts on ““Come on now… are you still doing that Corporate Pyramid Thing?” [InfoGraphic]

  1. a mouthful when you sheard that Introduction is the most important. You are So right! If you like them in the first introduction, follow up will always follow. Powerful tip. Hilde, I am so excited to watch Orjan grow over the years. Wow What an inspiration and a joy to watch. Thanks Hilde for sharing Orjan with us all.Sharing the tips on a candidate list, is important too. People have to come through the process on their own terms. Thank You.

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