When should you say “Direct Selling” instead of “Network Marketing?”

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Network Marketing Success Tips: “Direct Selling” versus “Network Marketing”
A Mastermind Event Original Series.

When you first heard the phrase “Network Marketing” what did you think it meant?

What do prospects think we’re talking about when we use the words MLM, Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing? What if we used Direct Selling instead? Would our prospects react differently, possibly in an even more positive manner? Could it help us attract higher quality prospects?

In this episode, live from the famous Jamaa el Fna square in Marrakesh Morocco, I share when and why it may be better to use the words “Direct Selling” instead of “Network Marketing.”

COMMENT! If you won the lottery, what’s one of the first things you would do?

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Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of FREEDOM!

Art Jonak

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31 thoughts on “When should you say “Direct Selling” instead of “Network Marketing?”

  1. Take my family on a holiday, treat all my friends to great food and have some good fun, invest the money, buy a house and donate to charity

  2. I would invest it into my spiritual capital , and increase my spiritual capital, so I become ever more powerful , and humble , and then pay it forward to whoever wants it and needs it .

  3. I would invest in all the personal and self development I could absorb, to allow myself to grow big enough, to share, invest and generally, manage the my win.

  4. Pay off all my family’s debts, buy a property for two sons who don’t have one (their choice), support Christian charities in a big way and get a better house and car for myself.Give free catch up literacy lessons (my speciality) to children.

  5. If I Won Large Amount Of Money? Try To Wait At Least 6 Months Before Making Major Purchases…Hire team Of Lawyers & & Advisors That I could Trust Hopefully..Pay Off all Children Debts..Make List of Good Spirit Filled
    Ministries & Start Giving To Christ’s Work…

  6. I’d structure the money as a self managed superannuation (retirement) fund and lend to myself to buy income producing assets (apartment blocks, an MLM company, selected technology businesses).

    I’d borrow money from my ‘bank’ to back projects such as marketing Herbal-Active, my natural antimicrobial which solves a bunch of food security issues. Or my new nutritional product (LIFE) which is based on a range of wild foods from the world’s longest living culture (Australian Aborigines).

    From the proceeds, I’d buy a catamaran and sail the world over the next 10 years running my business ventures remotely from the exotic places I visit.

  7. Interesting how our profession is developing from “You do not SELL, but SHARE, to being ok say I am now into DIRECT SELLING. For those guys who have been in this business a long enough (20 plus years) and read DON FAILLAS book, you guys know what I am talking about. 5% of people can sell, 95% are not sales types. Just interesting to see how our profession unfolds with time.

  8. Start a chain of schools to teach Network Marketing (Direct Sales). Focusing on leadership, self motivation, ethics and money management. All tuition payed from commissions earned while in school. No one is allowed to get student loans.

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