VIDEO: Be The Motivation, Not The Distraction

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Conversations with Network Marketing Masterminds
A Mastermind Event Original Series.

Defend Against Distractions.

While enjoying a week with our families in Puerto Rico, Mike Potillo and I decided to roll the video and tackle a rarely discussed topic: Distractions.

Most top leaders already recognize (or through painful experience are beginning to recognize) the significance of shielding their team from distractions. They’ve become defenders of their organizations knowing that if they want a long-term and stable Network Marketing business, they simply can’t afford to invite distractions into their teams.

Distractions come in many forms. We discuss several of them in the video. Also below are a few more insights on two of the outside distractions; The Contest Distraction and The “Outside Expert” Distraction.

The Contest Distraction: Avoid give away your influence trying to win a popularity contest.

Whenever you see someone post a contest about voting for the “best company,” or “best pay plan,” or “best leader,” or “best CEO,” or “best leader under 30,” or “best fill-in-the-blank”… they are simply hoping you will give away your influence by promoting the ‘popularity contest’ and encouraging your team to go vote.

Ask yourself, “Why are they putting on this contest?”

Therein lies the danger; the contest promoter will capture the email address of your team members. And now your team will receive a never-ending barrage of ‘distractions’ in their in-boxes from the contest promoter. And all you got was the chance to possibly win a popularity contest that has zero merit or credibility.

Remember that 99% of your team will never hear about the “popularity contest” unless you give away your influence and promote the contest.

• The “Outsider Expert” Distraction: Borrowing your influence to build their list.

When someone outside your company asks to speak to your team at an event, on a conference call, a webinar, a Skype call or Google hangout, one question to as ask yourself is, “Why does this person want access to my team?”

In many cases they want you to exchange years of your hard-earned influence with your team for a sprinkle of their magical “expert” fairy dust. Keep in mind, just because someone has “Expert” or “Guru” status, doesn’t mean they have character. And it doesn’t mean what they teach will actually work for your team.

An even greater danger lies in the “self-proclaimed” gurus or experts who teach what they themselves have never actually accomplished. Some may not be actively involved with a Network Marketing business. Some may have quit Network Marketing themselves but want to tell you and your team that Network Marketing is the way to go.

Think about it this way: If you had built a long-term and stable network marketing business, why would you quit on your leaders, abandon your team, turn your back on your company and leave the amazing passive income you’ve created? You probably wouldn’t.

So if you did quit network marketing to become a self-proclaimed guru or expert, you may have done so because you were not able to truly build a stable, sustainable and long-term Network Marketing business. And by default, odds are that what you teach may also not create a long-term Network Marketing business. So why would someone who hasn’t built a sustainable Network Marketing business want access to your team?

In many cases they want to borrow your influence to get access to your team.

They’ll share a few insights and then offer your team a special report, or a free webinar, the rest of the tips they didn’t get to, or some irresistible offer in exchange for the contact info of your team members. And now your team is vulnerable to receiving a never-ending barrage of ‘distractions’ in their in-boxes, on their Facebook feed, etc.

Distractions like:
webinars; some for a fee, others free with an upsell for some amazing ‘package deal;’
monthly continuation programs;
selling books and audio albums to build the “expert’s” personal brand;
promoting high-ticket (thousands of dollars) boot-camps and retreats;
offering high-priced coaching and consulting programs;
pitching joint-venture offers from their other “Guru or Expert” friends;
the join-ventures lead to your team being on many different email lists;
leads and lead-generation programs;
high-priced speaking fees for you or your company events;
invitations to plug into their social media communities;
training and methodology that may contradict your team training;

… and that’s just the beginning. In many cases they end up borrowing your influence to line their pockets with your team’s hard earned commission checks.

Keep in mind that 98% of your team will never hear about the “Guru or Expert” unless you give away your influence and promote them.  Whether you invite the distractions into your team or not is ultimately in your hands. Choose wisely.

Bottom line, don’t give away your power, your influence … your future.

If something is a distraction and can take your team off-track, don’t invite it into your team. Just say NO to the distraction.


In this episode of “Conversations with Network Marketing Masterminds,” I sit down with Mike Potillo and we tackle “distractions.” Mike helps lead an organization that did over $450 million in sales in 2013, up from $200 million in 2012 and up from $40 million in 2011. One reason for their growth is they are meticulous about not ‘inviting outside distractions’ into their organization. And if a distraction finds its way inside the organization, they’ve also mastered the art and science of ‘removing the distraction’ out of the organization.

You’ll also hear about our Fly-Boarding experience. Ready up or… ready drown?

We’ll be in Barcelona and Majorca in June and hopefully we can hook up with Bernat Andreu’s friend for some advanced FlyBoarding tips, because we sure could use them. :)

Bottom line: Don’t let your team drown in never-ending waves of outsider distraction. Be the motivation (ready up), not the distraction (ready drown) for your team.

Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of FREEDOM!

Art Jonak

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Be The Motivation, Not The Distraction

  1. Great Video Art, I often wondered about these so called GURU’s who quit their business and start writing books or all they do is promote themselves as speaker at other companies events … thanks for sharing and Ill forgive you this time for wearing a italy shirt and “distracting”me ;)

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