VIDEO: Don’t give up on your dreams, just SHRINK THEM! Say what?

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According to mega-store IKEA, most people today are okay with shrinking their dreams. Yes, they actually recommend that you “Don’t give up on your dreams, just shrink them!” Say what?

That’s exactly the topic of today’s video where I’m joined by Direct Selling Mastermind Event presenter Mike Potillo, who went from sleeping on an air-mattress to sleeping on private jets… the exact opposite of shrinking his dreams.

The reality is, you can either shrink your dreams or grow your income.  And having a Network Marketing business is a great way to grow your income.

Here’s the best part…

If you build your Network Marketing business the correct way (which you can learn how to do at the Mastermind Event), as your income grows, you will actually end up clocking fewer and fewer hours into your business. Which means you’ll not only have the income, but also the time to pursue your dreams!

A Network Marketing business allows you to:

1) Grow your income;
2) Grow your dreams, and;
3) Eventually also have enough free time to turn your big dreams into reality!

Network Marketing: It’s a tremendous win-win-win combination!

Question: Are YOU willing to shrink your dreams? Share your comments below.

Here’s to YOUR success Mr. and Ms. Network Marketer… DREAM BIG!

Art Jonak

PS: Want to increase your income circle through your existing network marketing business? Then come join me and Mike at the the Network Marketing Event of the Year... the Direct Selling Mastermind Event … and bring your team. Get your tickets today!

49 thoughts on “VIDEO: Don’t give up on your dreams, just SHRINK THEM! Say what?

  1. I continue to show others how to Increase their imcome so that they don’t have to shrink their dreams! It’s all about growing your Income to fullfill your Dreams! ….through helping others! AWESOME Video! Wouldn’t expect any less!

  2. Shrink my dreams?! NEVER! My Mannatech business has allowed me many dreams and I will continue to dream even bigger! Thank you Mike and Art for making the benefits of network marketing so clear. I am sharing this post with my team!

  3. I’ve never been in an Ikea, I’ve been shocked too! but I’ve noticed people thinking they should shrink their dreams, instead of thinking & dreaming bigger. Thanks for sharing, let’s inspire more people to start dreaming again & going after their dreams!

  4. Love this video! In the same moment you stop dreaming- you stop living! They are in direct proportion to each other. So if you have to dream, why not do it BIG?!?

  5. Just proves the point that looking to the corporate entity for inspiration is unhealthy to your psyche. Thanks to real inspirational leaders like Art and Mike to show us what can be done if we dream BIG I appreciate your guys inspiration and motivation for keeping the dreams alive!

  6. Art, Of course I would love to win this incredible box set. But I know whoever does will surely get tons of business building value from it. With the lineup of speakers you guys have put together, people who’ve done it consistently over the long term, you’d have a few centuries of combined MLM experience that one could gain in a matter of a few days. What could be more valuable than that? Sorry I couldn’t make it to the live event, I’m sure it was well worth every nickel.

  7. It would seem to me that there’s power in decision. Deciding to give ourselves a shot at the title. Grateful for everyone who’s walked the walk. Dreaming Big. Awesome Vid

  8. Without big dreams, life can seem hopeless. Dreams make people work harder to reach them. Don’t shrink your dreams, keep your mind wide open, and if you believe, you can reach your dreams. It may not be a straight path, but you can get there in the end.

  9. Optimize and realize your dreams. Don’t shrink it. By doing the latter, it’s as if you’re saying, “I shrink my dreams, I put limits to my dreams because my God is not that Great and Mighty to help me achieve it. I was just created to be a self-limited human with mediocre dreams and truck-loads of incapabilities. He failed to give me the potentials for achieving a dream so high that’s why I’d be better off shrinking it to a realistic level like most people do. I may fail reaching my dreams, at least i’d be less disappointed since it’s not that high.”

    Finally, shrinking your dreams is not giving value to the life and the potentials that Nature has implanted in your core being.

    Good day!

  10. Mike is an amazing guy and his story is incredible! We should never give up our dreams! In network marketing, we must give it at least 10 years to be free both financially and time wise! Go for it! Go for “NO”!

  11. Night time dreamers may wake to act on their dreams. But it is the day dreamers that are most dangerous for their thoughts have been created with their eyes wide open and they have musch time to act immediately. The future is crafted by those who dream and act today!

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