VIDEO: Freeze… or SUCCEED?

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In this video Mastermind Event presenters Orjan Saele and Art Jonak discuss why so many new and existing network marketing distributors sabotage their success by going into “fight,” “flight” or “freeze” mode.

Orjan reveals a simple process on how to avoid the three “F modes” (fight, flight or freeze) and get into “A mode” (action mode.) The formula helps distributors snap out of “MLM Freeze Mode” and lock into action mode… and then keeps them in action long enough to achieve the results they want. Use this formula to do the same for you and your team.

Question: Have you ever experienced Fight, Flight or Freeze mode?
Please comment below…

Here’s to YOUR success and remember… DREAM BIG!

Art Jonak

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10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Freeze… or SUCCEED?

  1. I’m just coming out of both flight and freeze after doing all the training, story creatiing and visioning for my new biz! I was so frustrated with myself but I stopped responding to my upline and couldn’t get myself out of first gear. Agh!!! Makes total sense to me now why I did that. Thanks so much for the enlightenment!

  2. So glad I took the time to watch this video. It makes things so much CLEARER for me! I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this information together! I GET IT… and I’m sharing this with my team. Hope that is OK?

  3. I really like this video because it identifies what I do when I am overwhelmed. Big numbers, big crowds of people overwhelm me. I really want to be in that position of having big numbers in my paycheck and I would love to have big crowds in the number of people I am with. I know that if I broke the numbers down into small numbers I would say,”I can do that. ” Then I repeat i t again and again it becomes a large number before I know it. This i can handle because all I have to do is do the same thing in front of a large crowd that I did with a small one. Practice makes perfect.

  4. Mahalo for the great information on finding balance and making small goals we know we can reach. I really liked the idea of building the dream AND giving clear assignments. Very excited to try this with my team and looking forward to learning more in Houston.
    Aloha and Mahalo!

  5. Thanks for the video and the useful insights!
    I agree it is very important to have the big dreams in place but in the same time make the smaller achievable steps towards the goal one by one.
    Just as in the saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

  6. FREEZE MODE! Guilty as charged. And I am always so mad at myself afterwards. And when I see my reps go through the same thing, it’s disheartening. FINALLY i know WHY this happens – and exactly what to do about it. Thank you Art Jonak for this great blog and Orjan for the interview on this important subject. Officially ‘unfrozen.’ :) <3

  7. My sponsor emailed me the link to this video and I’m so glad he did and even happier that I took the time to watch it to the end. I get WHY I sometimes freeze up (thank you Orjan for the WHY!) and the formula you suggest for fixing this for myself and my team makes so much sense. Thank you Art and Orjan – Dewayne

  8. This is a fantastic topic! I’ve fallen into all three, fight, flight and freeze mode and still often do. I love the solution you both offer in the video and love how you both admit to falling for the three-f’s as well. Happy to be on the A-Train now! :D Good job, cheers

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