YES… I’m proud to be in ‘one of those things!’ [Free Graphic]

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Thinking about being a ‘Homepreneur?’ Check out these stats:

  • 20% of home-based Entrepreneurs earn $100,000 – $500,000 per year! Many earn more!
  • Every 12 seconds a new home-based business is started;
  • * 70% of home-based business succeed within 3 years;
  • * 70% of Americans WANT to be Self-Employed;
  • * 44% are started for less than $5000;
  • * 38 million home-based businesses in America;
  • * $427 Billion in profits earned;

Source: MSNBC

Network Marketing (the Freedom Profession!) is a great way to start a home-based business. You can start for far less than $5000… and you can start part-time so you can ‘earn while you learn.’ :)

Invite your friends to start a network marketing business and join in on the success and freedom!

I look forward to hopefully seeing YOU at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event… where you can learn from many people who’ve created “six-figure monthly” incomes from their network marketing home-based businesses! It’s where MLM Rock Stars are born! :)

Here’s to YOUR Success!

Art Jonak

PS: Are YOU proud to have your own home-based network marketing business? If so, please share a comment below! YES… I’m proud to be in “one of those things!” :)

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5 thoughts on “YES… I’m proud to be in ‘one of those things!’ [Free Graphic]

  1. I am big believer in the power of mastermind groups. There is a great story about Jack Canfield asking Tony Robbins why when they were in the same business (personal growth) and both worked equally hard that Tony was so much more successful. Tony Robbins asked who was in his mastermind group and when told he remarked, “There’s the problem!” Jack was in a mastermind group with successful people, Tony was in a mastermind group with REALLY successful people. Billionaires think differently than millionaires.

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