VIDEO: How to spot the FIRST LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

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While most network marketing training centers around building a team, today we will focus more on keeping the team you are building. Both are vital skill sets. You want to avoid the ‘revolving door’ syndrome, where the drop out rate on your team is the same as the join rate, resulting in little or no growth or worse… decline.

Think of it this way…

1) Build your team to create a network marketing income.
2) Bond your team and turn that income into a residual income.
3) Keep the laws of decline out of your organization and turn that residual income into a legacy income.

A residual income is created when you do the work right one time and then get paid over and over and over again for the work you did… even while you are sleeping or on vacation!

A legacy income is residual income that pays you not just for a few months or a year, but for years, potentially for decades.

If you seek a legacy income, this video series is for you. We’ll be discussing the Five Laws of Decline… and how to keep them out of your organization.

Like most things in life, your team either grows or declines. Did you know there are specific laws of decline that can creep into any organization? Odds are, some are already active within your organization. You may not even be aware of them. I sure wasn’t! The good news is you can spot them… and with the correct actions, remove them from your team.

These laws are crucial if you already have a growing team… but just as crucial if you are starting to build a team. Knowing these laws before starting to build my organization would have saved me a ton of time, heartache and money. That’s why I want you to know about them… and the sooner the better.

How “The 5 Laws of Decline” affect a network marketing organization. I visited with Orrin Woodward on his Florida estate to discuss how to spot the ‘laws of decline’ and how to stop them from growing roots on your team.

In today’s video we cover The First Law of Decline…

COMMENT! “What’s ONE thing you LOVE about residual income?
Freedom? To give some away? Security? Pay off debt? Impact others? Or…?

Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers, people want a residual income for hundreds of different reasons! Even if you haven’t created a residual income yet, what do you love about the idea of residual income? I’m curious to see how big of a list we can compile.


Ex Libris Arthur V Jonak: Latin for “From the library of Arthur V Jonak.”

You can pick up a copy of Orrin Woodward’s lasted book LeaderShift  directly on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Here’s to Your Success!

Art Jonak

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29 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to spot the FIRST LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

  1. What I love about residual Income is the fact that you busted your butt to make something that will not only live on in others and for a very long time but you get paid for it over and over again. Residual income allows us to be in multiple places at the same time without ever really being there at all. Residual income is a way to multiply your “octopus-ness” over and over and over again.

  2. I love this question because it really made me think. I knew nothing about the subject just 7 months ago. I was just the average guy doing the average normal American ritual. You know the wife has a job she didn’t really like I had a job that I used to like when it was a hobby but when it became a job, now it sucks. My brother calls me one day and says hey, have you ever heard of selling something once and getting paid on it over and over again? I laughed at him the first time we talked but at the same time I was intrigued. So I asked more questions and was immediately hooked on the idea. I loved that the little guys could make the money on a consumable product or service and make the money. I learned the old adage of only the rich get richer was not true in network marketing and that was awesome! So to answer the question what my favorite thing about residual income, it would be hard to put it in just one statement but the idea I would like to convey is that in the beginning my favorite part was that now I didn’t have to worry about the light bill next month, and then it became now I don’t have to worry about the kids daycare, then I didn’t have to worry about the tow truck at the end of the road coming to get my car, then I didn’t have to worry about those things for my friends and family that shared the same vision and determination. I guess in a nut shell, for me it boils down to residual income equals no worries!

  3. I would like a residual income that would enable me to take a vacation or plan a special trip with my loved ones, take care of all my to dos around my house.

  4. The one thing I love about residual income is that it gives real freedom of choice in life. Therefore it is worth to work on establishment of residual income, to experience real freedom and share it with the most important persons nearby without a hurry……..

  5. I love residual income so when something comes up and I cant do my business I know I will still make money which makes it one less thing I have to worry about.

  6. I have been involved in networking for 15 years. What a learning curve. Can a curve bend both ways?? Well it does and the learnings are huge in size and number. Residual income is brilliant. No matter what level that may be at, high or low, the fact that it is earned “residually” ( do it once and be paid many, many times) is just magic. When I have needed that income it was right there. Regular, on time, like clockwork. Brilliant.!!

  7. Residual income gives me the freedom to “give back”. I’ve been so blessed in my lifetime and my residual income allows me to invest into others lives in ways a traditional job never could.

  8. What Orrin is saying totally makes sense. It helps put into perspective what realistic expectations are for this business. I present a scoreboard of 3 options at the presentations so people can self-identify.

  9. Residual Income means a few things – I agree that personal freedom is a portion of this, THe main thing it means to me is establishing a legacy for the grandchildren to follow and believe in.
    It allows me to play a part in changing others lives by being able to make a difference in their lives.
    True residual income is a blessing derived from putting in the “Right” effort and work. When I help others become successful I am then rewarded with true residual income.
    Thank you for allowing me to serve.

  10. I’m vacationing in Honolulu today because I have chosen to lead others in building their network marketing business. I love residual income because I can CHOOSE where to live, when to work and how I want to live my life. While I’m waiting for the sun to come up over the beach in Waikiki, my bonus check is being deposited in my bank account. My team members are introducing new people to the business as they build their business and achieve their goals. My family is free to pursue their dreams, not someone else’s. I love the “freedom to choose” that residual income provides me and all who choose to follow the path to achieve it. As one of my favorite song says. “Grateful, grateful, truly grateful I am!”

  11. I love to earn residual income as it can give my Family and I a security and a plan B – if anything happens we still have the business and keep collecting come rain or storm :-) So glad I got this opportunity in my life :) (looking forward to actually hearing Mr. Woodward live in Oslo this weekend:)

  12. Residual income opens so many possibilities, so I had to think about what my heart calls out for me to do. That would be speaking to others, to help motivate them to do what they are able but think they can’t. To let others know that their mistakes are a learning experience not to constantly dwell on but to learn from and become stronger for. The residual income would allow me to focus on learning how to do this by using my life experiences, and mistakes to relate and speak to others on improving themselves.

  13. “What’s ONE thing you LOVE about residual income?
    I am reading a book called “Your Money or Your Life’ which brings up a aspect I have never heard off, called the “crossover point” where your passive residual income overcomes your expenses leaving you with the choice doing things you love with out the worry or concern for money, which is beyond having enough. Each of us reaches a point in life where we have enough. This allows a person to volunteer their talents, skills, or help other for pay. It offers more creativity, Freedom, relaxation, dreaming, much less stress allowing a person to get more done. So my answer on this questions is the ability to have more than enough of whatever and assisting others on their journey in realizing that there is enough for all of us, regardless of how each of us defines the term “enough’ in our own specific life.

  14. I like the process of creating a residual income in network marketing.

    In my regular business I taught my employees as much as I could to help them and my business. They got better. Then they became my competitors.

    In network marketing I can teach and give 100% without holding back because we’re partners.

    And let us not forget that this is an incredible personal development business disguised as a business opporrtunity.

  15. When I graduated I wanted to make a difference in the world. Life tossed me a few curve balls and I found myself at single mom of 7 by the age of 35. I got involved with NWM and learned to create a residual income. Because of this, I made a difference for myself, my family and also have been able to show so many others a better way of life. A life of Freedom of choice and that helps families and to me,that is a making a powerful difference, I am now an example and can light a path because I actually did it, I found a way and others can too. Hope for a brighter future. That is what residual income means to me. Thanks for asking. It caused me to think about it more.

  16. One for me is the opportunity to live congruent with my values, principles and dreams
    I don’t have to sell one out for the other and the money supports it.

  17. Ability.
    the ability to be with and see mty daughters and wife everyday-
    Ability to visit the beauty of this world
    Ability to lead others to see their potential
    Ability to give limitlessly

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