VIDEO: How to spot the THIRD LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

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Did you know that good people will be driven away from organizations by bad behaviors? In a similar fashion, bad leadership drives out good leadership. This is called Gresham’s Law and, if you’re not careful, it can drive away good leaders from your team.

For example, ask yourself, “Do you have a producer culture or a political culture?” Which behavior is being rewarded? If you reward based on production, you’ll get more production. If you reward based on politics, you’ll get less production and more politics. And the people who want to produce are going to leave your organization.

World-class network marketing leaders have learned how to keep the “5 Laws of Decline” in check because they know these laws are responsible for their culture. They know the “5 Laws” will reveal where their team or company culture might be diseased. And by inoculating against the “5 Laws” they also know their team will enjoy continued growth and even momentum.

In today’s video, Art Jonak and Orrin Woodward cover The Third Law of Decline, Gresham’s law… ( Here are the links to the First Law and Second Law of Decline. )

COMMENT! “If you won the lottery, what is the FIRST thing you would do?”

Building a successful network marketing organization can be as lucrative as winning the lottery! So, what would you do FIRST if you won the lottery?

Post you answer in the comments below. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers, people want to do all kinds of things if they win the lottery… but your chances are much better! I’m curious to see how big of a list we can compile.

Here’s to Your Success!

Art Jonak

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33 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to spot the THIRD LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

  1. We would give $100,000 to our favorite charity.
    We would fund Education for our eight grandchildren
    We would remodel our home.
    We would travel to Israel, to China, to Ukraine, & to Costa Rica.
    We would invest in the lives of others

  2. If I won the lottery, I would sit down and sigh a big sigh of relief, then I would purchase tickets for myself and my team leaders for the mastermind event. I have always wanted to attend this event but I have never been able to do it. Over all the years I have been in network marketing I have loved the learning I have done and continue to do. There are so many great mentors out there in this industry. The mastermind event has been one of my dreams, and I will get there one day. This industry has given me the opportunity to become the person I am now and I will continue to improve. I enjoy so much having the opportunity to help others create a better life and lifestyle. It’s like giving your children the best skills to develop an amazing future for themselves, their family and friends. Being involved network marketing is as good as winning the lottery. Winning a lottery is a once in a lifetime chance, whereas building a network marketing business the rewards go on forever.

  3. The obvious for me would be to tithe 10 percent.
    Pay off personal debts.
    My true desire is to copy and paste a program from a South Carolina ministry called Women and Children Succeeding. This program encourages generational welfare to get off of the welfare entitlement mentality and to get a hand “up” instead of a hand “out”. Women who really desire to break out of this poverty mentality, apply and go through a pretty rigid process to cull out the ones who are just attempting to use the system…they are shown how to go through a mind renewal from poverty to prosperity. They receive training, mentoring, guided through getting their GED through to PHD level if they show the initiative and submit to the accountability. If they have children, the program partners with local daycares and get assistance as long as the moms hold their grades, etc….so far 11 women have earned Masters degrees and 3 PHDs….many others have become nurses and teachers….This is primarily what I would invest in and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit that this country needs to understand.

  4. After peeling myself off the floor from shock, I would pay 10 percent to my home church…they are really big into missions foreign and domestic. I would go debt free and set up college funds for mytwo remaining children and grandchildren. and pour resources into a program called women and children succeeding here in my home city and other cities around the nation. This program is designed to give a hand “UP”…not a hand “out”… opportunity to break generational poverty among the welfare population by mentoring, renewing the mind to think as a producer instead of entitlement….The program in another state has produced 11 master degree earners….would love to copy and paste the program in other cities because it has a proven record….That is the primary thing I would do with a lottery winning….

  5. I would seek the counsel of someone experienced in using wealth to create a personal growth and wealth plan for me and my family, as well as multiple sustainable platforms for doing good in two areas:

    1. Establish a education platform to properly guide people on how to be self-reliant through prosperity consciousness and better skills.

    2. Provide food and healthcare for children of poverty.

  6. If I was to win the lottery I would pay off out debts, take a trip to Ireland (just me and my husband) and another family trip with all the children and grandchildren, I would give to church, parents and the special olympics (in honor of my son). And, I’ve always wanted to take a mission trip.

  7. If I won the lottery it would be a miracle because I don’t play the lottery. A wise man once told me that the lottery is a tax on the mathematically challenged. With that being said , Okay Okay I do pick up a ticket every now and again. So here goes.

    After I finished checking out all the reactions of everyone around me who are just freaking out congratulating me I would call Art. Or get in touch with him somehow cause the brother is just way to busy living life large every day .. So one of his social media contact points would get word to him that his buddy Tim just hit the big time .

    Why would the first thing be that I would call Art. Cause he would know exactly where I could hide, what I should do immediately to protect myself from all those crazy folks that would just show up out of the bloody woodwork wanting to help me out.

    So once we picked out the large boat that didnt roll around too much in the waves I would set out on a world wide tour , sharing the law of attraction, the power of being happy in the present moment, and how to send healing energy though your heart.

    My accounts that are liquid would never run below $777,777.00 per month and everyone that was part of my posse would have a black card with a $25K loc on it that they would have to expense out and make it deductible by using Sandy’s TaxBot or it comes out of their end. That way that would tech them to manage money when they have it so they attract more.

    With the contacts that Art hooked me up with and some of my own there would be trusts set up for anyone in my life under the age of 25, most of the spiritual leaders, mentors and friends would be taken care of out of the never ending monthly flow that replenishes my Sect-seven Acct.

    FINANCIAL EASE – that is what we all are looking for . That is what I am focusing on along side of love, health, joy, happiness and peace. Learning to give a way much more than I expect to keep is the way to all of this. There lies the reason why I have not yet found this to me my experience. Keeping my light under a basket most of my life and watching others live passionately silently making a difference where they can one person at a time. The universe doesn’t ever make things difficult. We do that well enough.

    Thank you Art for giving us all he opportunity to share here and qualify for a piece of your wisdom, love and energy.

    You are and ever shall be my friend.


  8. First and foremost I would take the Grandparents (no relation, these were hand picked..LOL) On a dream vacation…they have always wanted to go on a cruise to Alaska!! They help so many, they do very little for themselves. I would also pay for house cleaners monthly for them!! I would donate to the Children’s Hospital here in town, they do amazing things. Then last but not least, I would set up an account to cover all future MasterMind events, airfare and all, so that I would NEVER have to miss one!! LOL

  9. My first order of business would be to pay off all debt. Renovate and make my current home more comfortable and take care of all my moms financial responsibilities. Ensure that my boys have a great foundation to start their lives. I would start a foundation for abused children in the Caribbean. We would provide shelter and support for them in a facility that would be built with medical, educational, emotional and personal development services. The goal would be to make them whole again. I would attract top direct sales experts to donate time to help these young people to rebuild their lives by sharing and teaching their success methods. Finally, I would take my entire family to visit the slave dungeons in Ghana and Senegal. I want my children and grandchildren to know and understand how far humanity has evolved and their responsibility to the world. That’s only the tip of the iceberg…

  10. If i won the lottery I would by the house of my dreams, whith at least 3 apartments, so that I could house my mentally ill brother and my daughter for some more years, and then I would by some eqipment for the womens department at the hospital in my country, there are only about 300.000 people living there and not all of them are taxpayers, I would go to London to visit my brother and Copenhagen to see my son and to Quebec to visit another leg of my family or invite them to Iceland

  11. The first thing….Well, first I would be filled with heartfelt gratitude. I have a deep burden to continue my first started work with the at risk kids. I want to invest in as many of their lives as I can providing ongoing Edge Subscriptions. Lead them to the Networking Environment of Life and the MLM events where they will learn better to do better being taught by the finest men in the Country. This in turn will cut down the hurtful current statistics of 1 in 3 children come from Fatherless homes.

    Through this education and community, they will learn to become great “Courageous” Dads and Leaders. Little girls will have the right Daddy’s who show them how much they care so that they grow up strong and not feel worthless because they were abandoned. The burden is strong in me because I have seen first hand the results with some exposed to CDs and DVDs. One soon to graduate student from High School watched a DVD and he was writing like crazy taking notes. I asked what he liked best about it. He said, “It was boring.” I said, “I saw you taking all those notes, yes?” He looked down and then up. He gently spoke looking straight into my eyes, “It never occurred to me that I had to change. When the man in the DVD said, “in order for things to change, I need to change,” that really got me thinking.” THIS is what I want to do…provide the environment for those ah-ha moments of clarity. Winning the Lottery would be a HUGE boost and Blessing in getting this started sooner. I want to be part of breaking the statistics and more kids will go to bed safe, feeling they are Loved and just how valuable they are. Each 1 Matters.

  12. Thats easy.. the same thing I do with all the money that comes into my life
    20% Tithe to my favourite ministries and charities
    20% Goes Into My Financial Freedom Account
    20% Into my Investment Account
    20% Into my Long Term Savings
    10% Into My Education & Personal Development Fund
    10% Into my PLAY account… just for the fun of it !!!

  13. Winning the lottery means so much more to me than money! I can honestly say while growing our NM business I win everyday with what I learn about myself and about people! Gaining a new relationship is what I love and creating freedom and dreams around me makes me strive more everyday! Aside of that, the lottery would be 1- become debt fee, I’m happy to say in the last 6 months I have become debt free of my sons medical, this was a goal when I began, I worked for it, I dream about it and I created it! 2- become completely debt free, set both my Mom and my father-in law up for life so they can both follow there dreams and do what they enjoy! 3- travel with my family and find a location we all love to build a house we call home! Take my family to an African Orphanage for a month or so, set up a charity and start changing as many lives as we can:):)

  14. I would make a rather large, charitable donation, set up both of our parents for life, and enjoy a well-deserved trip around the world to some exotic locations with love of my life.

  15. The economy completely decimated our retirement investments and resulted in our being in a great deal of debt, so the first thing I would do, after I have a good cry, is to pay off all of our debt. To have this burden lifted off our shoulders would be an enormous blessing!

  16. If I won The Lottery:The first thing I would do is plan A family Reunion for all of my family.Ive lost so many close to me that it makes me want to see and spend time with the ones I love In the time we have here on earth.Gathering everyone together.This is dear to my heat as I met my real father last year and aunts and uncles and cousins.It only took 51 yeas for that day.I love them all they welcomed me with open arms.I felt so loved.I want to share Love with my winnings…

  17. I would buy a ranch and bring children/orphans from inner cities to experience life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. A working ranch where they can learn new skills, riding horses, taking care of animals, growing the food they eat. Hopefully gaining a new respect for themselves that will go back home to them and give them hope for a future. Saving one child makes it worth it.

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