VIDEO: How to spot the FOURTH LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

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Over time, ALL companies and organizations experience “dips” in their sales.

Even if a company or team execute properly on the first three laws and achieve success, eventually they will get big enough that the fourth law will engage. They reach a point where an increase in quantity produces a decrease in quality, creating a dip in production. This is called The Law of Diminishing Returns and, if you’re not careful, it can significantly hinder your growth.

In this video, Orrin Woodward and Art Jonak cover how to keep the “Law of Diminishing Returns” in check, so a dip doesn’t turn into an out-of-control downward spiral. Plus you’ll find answers to the following questions:

  • If I want “long-term sustainable growth” I’ll need to ___________.
  • To grow my income past 4 or 5 figures a month, I can’t ignore ___________.
  • An organization will experience a “dip” when it outgrows its ___________.
  • At what point will reading that extra book no longer help my business?
  • When can overdoing a habit actually hinder my growth?
  • A major, yet least talked about, pitfall of international expansion is ___________.
  • The leadership concept of “Stretch and Secure” is ___________.
  • A team or company can’t sustain higher levels of sales than its existing ___________ and always falls back to its ___________.
  • When my team has a “dip” in sales, I need to fill in ___________ gaps after growth.
  • The signs of The Law of Diminishing Returns kicking in are ___________.
  • Excess can lead to loss, not gain when ___________.
  • A leader is not determined by how many followers they have, but rather by how many ___________ they’ve ___________.

World-class network marketing leaders have learned how to keep the “5 Laws of Decline” in check because they know these laws are responsible for their culture. They know the “5 Laws” will reveal where their team or company culture might be diseased. And by inoculating against the “5 Laws” they also know their team will enjoy continued growth and even momentum.

Here are the links to the first three Laws of Decline:

  1. First Law of Decline: Sturgeon’s Law
  2. Second Law of Decline: Bastiat’s Law
  3. Third Law of Decline: Gresham’s Law

COMMENT! “What’s ONE thing you are GRATEFUL for today?”

You know what, life is good. I say it a lot, but truly, there are so many things to be grateful for in the world. #FocusOnTheGood

Post you answer in the comments below. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers, people are happy for millions of different reasons! I’m curious to see how big of a “Gratitude List” we can compile.

Here’s to Your Success!

Art Jonak

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41 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to spot the FOURTH LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

  1. I am so grateful for the job opportunity that I just accepted, I was not looking for a change, it found me and my income tripled overnight. Thoughts become things choose the good ones.

  2. What I am most grateful for in life is that I am blessed to be the mom of the most amazing boy. As an adult, seeing the world through the eyes of a child is incredible. It is incumbent upon me to nurture him in all areas. Every night before he goes to bed I whisper in his ear, “You have greatness within you. You are going to do great things. I’m excited to see your great things.” Most of the time he says it back to me! Talk about Awesomesauce! :)

    Every day I have to “get after it” because my son is watching and I must be the example for him. He enriches my life every day.

    I am grateful for him and how having him has made me grow and strive to be a better person!

  3. Well the best thing I am grateful for is life itself, to work on my late brothers dream and to see it through…yet to be a success but I know in time all I have in stock for it will bloom. 2nd thing which actually should be the first is the little baby my sister had, at least now I don’t feel alone anymore, sometimes It feels like my late brother in a baby form, I love babies and the moment we get to share with them as one…Hope he knows I love him and miss him very much, my hellos to dad. Miss you guys :( Muah…adios.

  4. I am grateful that my 9 year old daughther woke up this morning and hte first words she said to me were: “Mommy, when ever I am asleep or I am away from you; when I see you again, it makes me so happy, because I love you so much”.

  5. I’m grateful for my husband who shows me unconditional love and support daily. I’m grateful for our only son who is growing up to be a caring, responsible, respectful and respected young man. I’m grateful for waking up each day knowing I’ll have more than enough but strive to help others learn how to big dream with focus!

  6. I am truly grateful for my loving wife and children, for life and all the joys that I experience each day. To the beauty of this life I wake to each and every day. For a family that loves and supports me for who I am. For great friends and deep and meaningful friendships. For frustration in life, because it gives me something to overcome and demonstrate my strength. For rejection from others, because it shows me that I am enough even without others’ love and affection from time to time. I am grateful for my friends and for my health. That I have tools to help me through life. I am grateful for good times, laughter and joy. I am grateful that I have options; that I am free to make choices. I am grateful for all my life experiences, thus far and for the chance to have felt true love. I am grateful that my body is healing and for the ability to smile. I am grateful to be Me…

  7. Wow this is huge. I am grateful for God in my life.
    For surpassing the hardest time I have ever lived and coming out O. K. I have forever grateful for my home. For have clean water and good food and living in a country that I don’t fear bombings or war or raids. I can walk and do whatever I want. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to reach for my dreams and become more then I ever could imagine. I am grateful to just be here embracing the day.

  8. I am great full that i have seen all times in my life, and have never regretted the downfall, nor did i overjoy, when the tables turned to my favor…the ability to understand life and live life as it came my way….I am happy as i am…..Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful article, and for asking such meaningful question….

  9. I am grateful that I have the ability to learn something new every single day. Every challenge can be viewed as a teacher or tormenter. I choose to be taught. With every challenge there is growth, and with growth I am closer to the person I want to be.

  10. The good wishes I received from my cousin and sister this morning.
    The live conversation I had with an online connection on survivorship
    I have the strength and health to do something in the health care consumer space

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