VIDEO: How to spot the FIFTH LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

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DID YOU KNOW? When you keep “The 5 Laws of Decline” in check they actually become the “Laws of Momentum.”

The Five Laws are constantly either working for you or against you. How fast they take your team in one direction or another is called The Law of Inertia. Inertia in a “positive direction” is called momentum… and long-term, sustained momentum is often called the holy grail of business.

World-class leaders spend about 80% of their time developing and protecting a healthy culture, knowing that culture is what helps them build a massively successful business. The Five Laws help identify what’s making their culture sick and help them take specific, tangible, proven steps to create a thriving and healthy culture.

In this video, Orrin Woodward and Art Jonak discuss the “Law of Inertia” and how to turn the “5 Laws of Decline” into the “5 Laws of Momentum!”

Here are the links to the first four Laws of Decline:

  1. First Law of Decline: Sturgeon’s Law
  2. Second Law of Decline: Bastiat’s Law
  3. Third Law of Decline: Gresham’s Law
  4. Fourth Law of Decline: The Law of Diminishing Returns

COMMENT! “What’s one thing you are excited about right now?” GO!

Excitement is contagious! We gravitate towards the things we are excited about… and  what excites other people helps us dream even bigger!

Post your answer in the comments below… Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers, people are excited about millions of different reasons! Often we just don’t share our reasons often enough. I’m curious to see how big of a “Excitement List” we can compile.

Here’s to Your Success!

Art Jonak

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33 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to spot the FIFTH LAW of Decline in your Network Marketing business.

  1. As a career counselor and recruiter I’m excited to be reigniting my own career, looking at different directions and receiving professional counseling that focuses on my career. I receive great satisfaction from changing lives or the direction of companies through my vocation. At this time, I am not only tending to my commitments to others, I am also evaluating my own career satisfaction and long term goals. This process increase my happiness and enable me to give more to others through my personal experiences. As you know, Art, sharing personal experiences and not being committed to a specific outcome for someone else are the strongest game changers for people who are seeking your advice.

  2. I’m excited about fund raising for my charity, which is for research into finding cures for terminal illness’s and environmental science research.

  3. I am excited on launching my novel Soul Mate campaign on kikstarter soon, for publication,and the overwhelming response of followers of networking traffic that has invested in me, Soul Mate. I’d also like to thank Google+ Business, and Facebook+ Fans, Facebook, Twitter, and all my social media networks.
    Great full for my health, and for my Audience of viewers that get captivated by collection of words, written within.
    -keepamericaheard-Maria Catania

  4. I am excited to attend the upcoming Mastermind event. I went for the first time last year and I will never miss another MM. Am so thankful for your effort to put on this event. THANK YOU!

  5. I’m exited about life it self and I’m really exited about the internet what gives me the access to education I wouldn’t get otherwise.

  6. I am excited that finally the world is waking up to the lies and deceit we have been fed for longer than we can remember.
    I am excited that herbs like hemp are finally being acknowledged by the mainstream who realise that the only reason the laws were made to prohibit such herbs is the fear my corporate interests felt threatened by the impact to their profits if people were able to heal themselves with plants, like nature intended.
    I am excited that people are standing up for their rights and the truth, in numbers never before seen in modern history.
    I am excited that people like yourself are becoming more enlightened leaders of thought and encouraging people to think for themselves… Thankyou!

  7. I am not excited about much. The world wants to kill each other, our government wants to let middle class become poor, and the poor stay poor. Our government has it’s hands in big business back pocket and that is killing our planet with the oil spills, etc. How can you excite me?

  8. I am excited that my bf dumped me. I never realized what a burden be was and how he caused me so much grief until now. I feel so much lighter and free now!

  9. I am working with a company that is about to revolutionize the way that schooling is done, and conferences, shopping, trade shows, and even business. It could potentially take tens of millions of cars off the road in North America alone and do away with the need for millions of passenger flights on airlines each year.

  10. I was thinking about getting a new website for my company. Planning for the design and matter….Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the Blog!

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