Totally fresh, all new… and nearly sold out!

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The calendar is turning fast…

… and the days are quickly disappearing between now and the most important event to take place in the Network Marketing profession.

We only have 77 spots left before the entire event is completely full. (Sorry, all VIP packages are already sold out.)

So, if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, I’m writing to urge you to get to the Mastermind Event. It’s truly going to be the best one yet.

Here’s the direct link for special advanced ticket pricing.

Totally fresh, all new, some new faces with powerful sessions, some returning presenters with new programs and some new interesting twists. This is the event where leaders are born in our profession.

Real quick — a couple of time-sensitive deadlines:

1. Ticket prices increase Monday, Oct 12 at midnight CST.

2. The 2-payment option goes away Monday, Oct 12.

For complete event details, visit:

Please. Find the time. Make the arrangements. Get on the plane. You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you — for all you do.

- Art Jonak

P.S. — Orjan Saele and I have a fantastic new video for you – it’s about getting past the “fight, flight and freeze” modes that often prevent us and our distributors from reaching our full potential. Look for an email with the link to the new video this weekend. (The last video we did together had over 200 comments and 20,000 views.)

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