$178 BILLION! Network Marketing breaks new sales record!

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The final figures are out… and the news is better than even expected!

The Network Marketing and Direct Sales profession hit a new record in 2013 with $178 BILLION in global sales. That’s up from $167 Billion in 2012. Network Marketing is BIG business!

Roughly $71 Billion (40% of the $178 Billion), was paid directly to distributors via commissions. That’s $6 billion a month, or $200 million a day!

Here is a fun infographic to help you share the great news with others. It’s even designed to have your prospects ask YOU how to get involved!

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Links to the sources of the figures in the Infographic.

NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE (NFL): $9.58 billion [ Source ]
MUSIC INDUSTRY: $15 billion [ Source ]
MOVIE INDUSTRY: $88 billion [ Source ]
VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY: $76 billion [ Source ]
NATURAL FOODS INDUSTRY: $90 billion [ Source ]
NETWORK MARKETING: $178 billion [ Source #1 | PDF | Source #2 ]


COMMENT: What’s ONE thing you love about the Network Marketing profession?

Here’s to your success!

Art Jonak

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Art Jonak is the founder of the Mastermind Event, an entrepreneur and a successful Network Marketer. If you find these updates helpful, please share them.

5 thoughts on “$178 BILLION! Network Marketing breaks new sales record!

  1. Network Marketing is really mind blowing system and filed….
    most of the people donot understand it… but it is the true source of earning and financial freedom.
    dont forget… some are always available near you to pull your leg when you are going towards sky of success…. but dont let anyone take your decisions.

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