VIDEO: What are YOU Fueling… Your Dreams or Your Drama?

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He’s built a massive network marketing organization, what he calls community… one that consistently fills stadiums of over 15,000 team members every 120 days. He’s become one of the greatest networkers in the world… and his philosophies on developing leaders, building community and on living a well-lived life are impactful.




I had the privilege of hanging out with Orrin Woodward on his Florida estate. During one of our many conversations, we rolled the cameras. This video is part 1 of our conversation. I think you’ll find some great nuggets to use in your network marketing business and in your life.

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Create Your Success!

Art Jonak

PS: What’s your favorite part of the video? What are your takeaways? Would you like to see more videos like this? Please share your comments below. Orrin and I will read them, as will many other great network marketers like yourself!

10 thoughts on “VIDEO: What are YOU Fueling… Your Dreams or Your Drama?

  1. I don’t even know the way I ended up here, but I believed this video was great! I do not know who you and Orrin are, but certainly you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to not already be one. Great content… truly! Can’t wait to apply it to my USANA business! Cheers!

  2. Drama! Wow… wish more leaders would address this topic. This is REAL. I’ve built good sized teams only to have them crumble because we didn’t know how to handle the natural “issues” that come up when working with people. Thank you Art and Orrin for putting this great info out to all of us… and FREE! I am implementing this into my ACN business ASAP, and will be visiting this blog often!

  3. I simply want to say I’m newbie to blogs and certainly enjoyed this blog. I’m bookmarking your blog! You surely have very good stories. Thank you for sharing with us!

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    • Awesome story. You guys are great leaders. I can’t wait to see you guys out there in a couple of weeks. You two demonstrate true servant-leadership by flying to all these different cities, wanting to help your fellow networkers. Ashlyn and I love hearing you guys teach and are inspired by your story to go write our own. Fight The Good Fight! Never Back Down! God Bless, Kyle Combes

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