Art Jonak visits the Woodward Estate to interview Orrin. Video coming soon…

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I sat down with Orrin Woodward on his estate in Florida… and the cameras were rolling. The resulting interview was fantastic. Part 1 of my interview with  MLM Mastermind Event presenter Orrin Woodward going to be released soon! Directly from his estate in Florida.




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Have a great weekend!

Art Jonak

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8 thoughts on “Art Jonak visits the Woodward Estate to interview Orrin. Video coming soon…

  1. Wow, awesome blog Art! I had not idea you had a blog! How long have you been blogging for? Figured once you did, you’d make blogging look easy. LOL The overall look is magnificent, as well as the content! Thank you :) / Wilma <3

  2. I just want to say I’m beginner to network marketing and also blogging and really love your blog. You really share relevant beneficial, well written articles and videos. Kudos Art!

  3. This is the great lessons that I like in this video.Make other misatkes and don`t hung up on the same misatkes. Every great entrepreneur made a lot of misatkes and that made them great.I like the 4 step process. 1.information 2.Progress 3.Profit and PURPOSE. We BUILD IT BECAUSE THAT IS OUR PURPOSE. I believe every entrepreneur should have this but before we can have it we must also get the other 3 steps.Focus on leadership because you cannot go beyond your capacity.Hunger is the beginning of CHANGE. We must also apply what we have learned.Love being out of your comfort zone.The moment you take action the Goliath becomes smaller.If you have a thousand you are contributing to thousands. This is a great leadership advice. I DON`T WANT TO BE A LEADER TO A BUNCH OF FOLLOWERS, BUT I WANT TO BE A SERVANT TO A LOT OF LEADERS.The last lesson is..If you are an ENGINEER, you are destined to become a good entrepreneur. So quit the corporateworld and be an entrepreneur. hahaha This is a nice interview Jerry – Ian ValezaIan Valeza recently posted..[]

  4. Excellent video! So how do you find the right words to say to a prospect without scaring them off? There are so many ways to talk to someone. Just wandering what words you use when speaking with someone after they have come to you. Carol

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