What If Someone Says, ‘Isn’t This A Pyramid?’

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What if someone says, “Isn’t this a pyramid?”

Here is how Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s friend Robert answers that objection. He uses a story that changes the entire direction of the conversation. Here’s what he says.

“Before I answer your question, is it okay if I ask you a quick question?”

“When you were getting your formal education at school, if your teachers would have received a small percentage of your earnings for the rest of your life, do you think your formal education would have been better?”

The prospect answers, “Of course.”

Robert continues, “Well, that is how network marketing works. Your sponsor wants to teach and train you to be as successful as possible, because the only way your sponsor can earn money is by making you successful.”

And with this simple, short story, the objection goes away and is replaced with a benefit.

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Residual income means never having to start over.”
“Ingreso Residual significa, que nunca tengas que volver a empezar de nuevo!!”

Art Jonak

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