Would you rather earn LINEAR INCOME or RESIDUAL INCOME?

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Would you rather earn LINEAR INCOME or RESIDUAL INCOME?
Let’s find out…

Linear Income: With a job, you trade time for money. At the end of the week, your boss pays you for the work you did that week. The next week you start from zero. You have to put in the work again to get paid. Linear income is directly related to the number of hours you work. If you work 40 hours, you get paid for 40 hours of work.

Residual Income: Unlike a paycheck from a job, when you develop a “residual income” you don’t have to start from zero every week, or every month. You don’t have to start over from zero ever again. Residual income means never having to “start over.”

Why? Because when you earn a residual income, your income compounds from the work you are currently doing and the work you have already done! The work you did last week continues to pay you this week, as does the work you did two weeks ago, and three weeks ago, and four weeks ago, etc… all the way back to the week you first started earning a residual income.

You do the work right ONE TIME, you can get paid AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN for a LONG TIME!

Here’s the best part, a Network Marketing business offers you the chance at a residual income! After all, you have residual bills that you pay every month… why not have a residual income?

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COMMENT! ►►► What’s ONE thing do you LOVE about residual income?
Freedom? Give some away? Security? Pay off debt? Impact others? Or…?

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Art Jonak

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19 thoughts on “Would you rather earn LINEAR INCOME or RESIDUAL INCOME?

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  5. As someone just starting the direct network marketing business, as I’m currently working and receiving linear income. The idea of receiving residual income is a must. As previously an employer decided he did not have enough to meet his payroll and therefore the linear income was not there. I will never go through that again… residual income will be a definite!

  6. I love that my residual income is based on my efforts, my performance, and I can give myself a raise at any time. Unlike a “job” where you get paid the same amount regardless.

  7. The one thing I love about residual income is:
    It give me time to look for other opportunities with residual income and in the meantime I am an example for others that it can be done if you treat it as a normal business which you start as an owner

  8. Residual income gives me freedom to spend time with my grandbabies and family without worrying about a 9 to 5 job, to give more to my church and time for community service that I would otherwise not be able to do.

  9. The one thing I love about residual income is that I am empowering my loved ones – family and friends – to live the life of their dreams, for generations!

  10. Residual income gives me the freedom to be available for my grandchildren and the privilege to live life while building new relationships from wherever I am.

  11. the one thing i love about residual income is that its a money counter for how many you have help to achieve their dreams. huge residual income=have help many people to change their life and that is the best feeling:D

  12. People will walk through brickwalls to get residual income when they understand it. :) courtesy of the MM event. So am I for the past 2,5 years. Big up for everyone in the industry. I hope we all make it ;) R.K.

  13. Residual income empowers one to own oneself, which is to the most important aspect of ones career, doing what you love, empowering others, traveling the world, total freedom. Louis.

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