Are we entering a Golden Era of Network Marketing?

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This summer I’ve been reading the manuscript version of a new book about trends, preparing for the future and how to uncover hidden opportunities… and I’ve been itching to tell you about it!

It’s a brilliant piece of work by Mastermind Event speaker Randy Gage. Risky Is the New Safe is a different kind of book for a different kind of thinking. It’s a thought-provoking manifesto for risk takers. It will change the way you look at everything. You’ll stop seeing challenges as obstacles – and instead recognize the opportunities they provide!

You’ll learn which jobs and business models will disappear forever, and how to position yourself in the ones that will thrive in the emerging cycles. You’ll discover how to think differently and develop the same mindset the world’s highest level achievers harness for success.

But here’s the other – really important – thing YOU, as a Network Marketer,
should know about the book…

Chapter six in the book goes into great detail why retail is a dead, dysfunctional distribution model that hasn’t changed in 200 years. And it makes the case for why online and Network Marketing are the most elegant and intelligent methods of distribution in the new economy. Randy also makes a bold prediction; one I’ll share with you right now:

That we are about to enter the “golden era” of Network Marketing.

An era when tens of millions of new people are going to join our profession. And this isn’t idle talk. The book spells out exactly what trends, demographics and factors will make it happen.

So while the book will be very enlightening and inspirational to you – it also will be a
POWERFUL credibility and sponsoring tool.

Order Randy’s New Book Here:

Anyway, the reason I’m so excited today is because the site where you can reserve your advance copy or Risky Is The New Safe just went live! The book will be launched live at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event on November 2. But when you get in your order now, it means you’ll be the first to get it when the publisher starts shipping. Go over there now and get in your order.

Go check it out now… you’ll be glad you did. :)

Art Jonak

QUESTION: Do YOU believe we are about to enter a Golden Age of Network Marketing? Why or why not? Share you thoughts in the comments below…

33 thoughts on “Are we entering a Golden Era of Network Marketing?

  1. I saw the video with Randy Gage, where he is talking about this book! And it sounds simply AMAZING!!!!! I really look forward to getting this book and hearing more about this on the MLM Mastermind Event #8. Hope to see you all there :)

  2. I do believe that Network Marketing industry is entering its golden era & the people who are not involved or who dont believe in this industry will change there minds about it also it will become a better choice for the big corporations to market there products.

  3. I don’t know if we’ve entered the ‘Golden Era’, but I do believe that we are entering the age of evolution in Network Marketing … changes are required and I can’t wait to read Randy’s book and here is perspective. Thanks Art for all you do.

  4. Art, thank you so much for all of your wisdom, inspiration, witt and humor. I am SO LOOKING forward to getting my hands on this and sharing with my team. Thank you so much for your service and heart.

  5. I had the chance to read the book too, and I have to tell you that one the thing I love about this book, is that it challenges everyone who reads it to embrace change and makes you think about the future and the multiple possibilities to prosper :-)

  6. The most clear evidence I have of the truthfulness of your statement about entering the Golden Age of Network Marketing is myself. I came from owning a huge company, lost it in one day due to shady regulations, and now I’m in Network Marketing and loving it. I feel like it has been a direct blessing in my life to have been given this opportunity. It is absolutely the Golden Age of Network Marketing, and with the right tools and dedication, we can all be successful!

  7. Yes, we are entering the golden age of network marketing. Just look around us, we are now more connected to each and everyone of us anywhere in the world in some way or form. Great time to be in Network Marketing.

  8. I am extremely impressed with your writing and video abilities and also with the structure on your blog. Golden Era?!?! YES! It’s coming! Please keep up the excellent high quality, it is rare to find a nice blog like this one today… glad I did and glad my upline told me about it.

  9. Howdy! Huge thumbs up for your excellent information you have right here on this post. I’m loving the videos on your blog – so professional, informative and fun! Great for my Arbonne business! :) I will be coming back to your website for more soon!

  10. Matt, Art and everyone else on here. You guys are absolutely right! Since I started in the Network Marketing business, and not knowing much about it at first, I have learned that the best time to get into it is at the ground level. That is why I’m so glad to be with the #1 money earner of my business and learning from him and others.

    Risky is the safer way by means of MLM. Sure, there will be risk but in the long run, we will win and so will those who come to realize it also. “Every Great Opportunity Solves a Problem”. People helping others in a downward economy.

  11. Excellent post! Golden Age is coming! My Vi business has grown over the summer and expect great things over the next year. Thank you for the great videos, just now found your blog and going through the past posts. Love!

  12. Iam anxiously looking forward to lunching of another masterpiece of a book like this from mr Randy, it will help those that in networkmarketing and those checking out our industry. Thank you Art Jonak, Thank you Randy Gage.

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