SCAM ALERT! You gotta be super careful out there! [Free Graphic]

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Art Jonak

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38 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT! You gotta be super careful out there! [Free Graphic]

  1. The Biggest “Scam” ever perpetrated is the one we do to ourselves. Become a Master of your fate by becoming a willing and committed Student of other successful people and most importantly time tested Success principles!

  2. Have been full time in Network Marketing/Internet Marketing since August 4th, 1996.

    Thanks to what good people like Tom “Big Al” cared enough to share with the rest of us, I might add. Couldn’t have made it this far without the help of good people like Tom, Robert Blackman & Joe Schroeder.

  3. Heard it the first from Øyvind Lien just before July 2012. It made ​​a strong impression on me when he talked about that this “scam” is our culture, has been for so many generations, and that it takes a lot of courage to break out of it to do something else. There may be a risk that others may look different on me if I choose otherwise. That summer we went on vacation for 4 weeks to Orlando and Key West, and I decided to use the holiday season to make a decision for myself. When we came back home to Norway I had decided to quit my job to start my own journey. and so I did. I had no experience in Network Marketing from before, but I just love what I am doing now. Have great colleagues in Zinzino that does not give me up, and I learn a little every day. And I’m quite sure that I have chosen the right road to make my journey “the best of my life”

  4. I was taken in by that Scam for year … even trained in college and grad school to work-for-the-scam. So glad I’ve awakened to Real possibilities. I love helping others get out of the scam.

  5. I was a victim for 20 years! I was so tired of being a slave to make someone else’s dreams come true. When I was first introduced to the world of network marketing, never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would have a team of 15,000 Associates within one year. It is truly a dream come true! Super excited to have discovered the best industry in the world!

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