Three Critical Network Marketing Leadership Traits

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Network Marketing Masterminds: Leadership Lessons Part 1
A Mastermind Event Original Series.

What three key leadership traits should you look for if you want to build a massive Network Marketing organization?

Hop on board the 76-foot “Dream Builder” yacht as we pick the brains of Orrin Woodward. We cover the three critical traits as well as the concept of “Friends Do What Friends Do.” Orrin is the top distributor in his network marketing company and earns millions of dollars per year.

He’s also an internationally celebrated New York Times bestselling author with over a million books sold. In May of 2014, Orrin was ranked in the top 20 on Inc Magazine’s Top 50 Leadership Experts.

Today his network marketing organization routinely sells out events across North America with over 25,000 people. See for yourself in his bio at:

Orrin is another Mastermind faculty member you simply won’t find on the usual speaking circuit. Normally to learn his insights you’d have to be a member of his team. Frankly, most of what Orrin will be teaching at the Mastermind Event he’ll be doing so for the very first time outside of his own team events. Get your tickets to this years Network Marketing Mastermind Event. This may be your only chance to get this information.

Share this video with others to help build their belief in Network Marketing. The stronger their belief, the faster they’ll achieve success.

COMMENT CONTEST! If you could vacation on a luxury yacht anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Post your answer in the comments below… and you could WIN the entire Mastermind Event #6 LIVE BOX SET! (Pictured above. 15 CDs, retails for $477)

One lucky person who posts their answer in the below by August 22nd will win!

Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of FREEDOM!

Art Jonak

P.S. Mastermind Event ticket prices increase soon! This is the best time to get you and your team together to take advantage of the current specially priced tickets. Get your tickets today >>

Art Jonak is the founder of the Mastermind Event, an entrepreneur and a successful Network Marketer. If you find these updates helpful, please share them.

25 thoughts on “Three Critical Network Marketing Leadership Traits

  1. I would not stop cruising until I had taught at least 100 impoverished people from at least 100 different ports around the world, to prosper and teach 100 more people to do the same so that everybody could cruise on a yacht like this one.

  2. I’d love to sail the Galapagos Islands and Peruvian shores, a multi-rich cultural, natural and historical area of the world. A lot of sunshine too, fishing, diving and hands-on exploration.

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VIDEO: Be The Motivation, Not The Distraction

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Conversations with Network Marketing Masterminds
A Mastermind Event Original Series.

Defend Against Distractions.

While enjoying a week with our families in Puerto Rico, Mike Potillo and I decided to roll the video and tackle a rarely discussed topic: Distractions.

Most top leaders already recognize (or through painful experience are beginning to recognize) the significance of shielding their team from distractions. They’ve become defenders of their organizations knowing that if they want a long-term and stable Network Marketing business, they simply can’t afford to invite distractions into their teams.

Distractions come in many forms. We discuss several of them in the video. Also below are a few more insights on two of the outside distractions; The Contest Distraction and The “Outsider Pro” Distraction.

The Contest Distraction: Never give away your influence trying to win a popularity contest.

Whenever you see someone post a contest about voting for the “best company,” or “best pay plan,” or “best leader,” or “best CEO,” or “best leader under 30,” or “best fill-in-the-blank”… they are simply hoping you will give away your influence by promoting the ‘popularity contest’ and encouraging your team to go vote.

As yourself, “Why are they putting on this contest?”

Therein lies the danger; the contest promoter will capture the email address of your team members. And now your team will receive a never-ending barrage of ‘distractions’ in their in-boxes from the contest promoter. And all you got was the chance to possibly win a popularity contest that has zero merit or credibility.

Remember that 99% of your team will never hear about the “popularity contest” unless you give away your influence and promote the contest.

• The “Outsider Pro” Distraction: Stealing your influence to build their list.

When someone outside your company asks to speak to your team at an event, on a conference call, a webinar, a Skype call or Google hangout,  ask yourself, “Why does this person want access to my team?”

In most cases they want you to exchange years of your hard-earned influence with your team for a sprinkle of their magical “pro” fairy dust. Keep in mind, just because someone has “Pro” or “Guru” status, doesn’t mean they have character. And it doesn’t mean what they teach will actually work for your team.

An even greater danger lies in the “self-proclaimed” gurus or pros who teach what they themselves have never actually accomplished. Some aren’t even actively involved with a Network Marketing business! Some quit Network Marketing themselves but want to tell you and your team that Network Marketing is the way to go.

Think about it this way: If you had built a long-term and stable network marketing business, why would you quit on your leaders, abandon your team, turn your back on your company and leave the amazing passive income you’ve created? You wouldn’t.

So if you did quit network marketing to become a self-proclaimed guru or pro, you did so because you were never able to truly build a stable and sustainable Network Marketing business. And by default, what you teach will also not create a long-term Network Marketing business. So why would someone who has never built a sustainable Network Marketing business want access to your team?

In most cases they want to steal your influence to get access to your team.

They’ll share a few insights and then offer your team a special report, or a free webinar, the rest of the tips they didn’t get to, or some irresistible offer in exchange for the contact info of your team members. And now your team will receive a never-ending barrage of ‘distractions’ in their in-boxes, on their Facebook feed, etc.

Distractions like:
webinars; some for a fee, others free with an upsell for some amazing ‘package deal;’
selling books and audio albums to build the “pros” personal brand;
promoting high-ticket (thousands of dollars) boot-camps and retreats;
offering high-priced coaching and consulting programs;
pitching joint-venture offers from their other “Guru or Pro” friends;
the join-ventures lead to your team being on many different email lists;
leads and lead-generation programs;
high-priced speaking fees for your or your company events;
invitations to plug into their social media communities;
training and methodology that may contradict your team training;

… and that’s just the beginning. In many cases they end up stealing your influence to line their pockets with your team’s hard earned commission checks.

Keep in mind that 99% of your team will never hear about the “Guru or Pro” unless you give away your influence and promote them. Ultimately it’s mostly in your hands whether you invite the distractions into your team or not.

Bottom line, don’t give away your power, your influence … your future.

If something is a distraction and can take your team off-track, don’t invite it into your team. Say NO to a distraction of any degree.

In this episode of “Conversations with Network Marketing Masterminds,” I sit down with Mike Potillo and we tackle “distractions.” Mike helps lead an organization that did over $450 million in sales in 2013, up from $200 million in 2012 and up from $40 million in 2011. One reason for their growth is they are meticulous about not ‘inviting outside distractions’ into their organization. And if a distraction finds its way inside the organization, they’ve also mastered the art and science of ‘extracting the distraction’ out of the organization.

You’ll also hear about our Fly-Boarding experience. Ready up or… ready drown?

We’ll be in Barcelona and Majorca in June and hopefully we can hook up with Bernat Andreu’s friend for some advanced FlyBoarding tips, because we sure could use them. :)

Bottom line: Don’t let your team drown in never-ending waves of outsider distractions! Be the motivation (ready up), not the distraction (ready drown) for your team.

Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of FREEDOM!

Art Jonak

2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Be The Motivation, Not The Distraction

  1. Great Video Art, I often wondered about these so called GURU’s who quit their business and start writing books or all they do is promote themselves as speaker at other companies events … thanks for sharing and Ill forgive you this time for wearing a italy shirt and “distracting”me ;)

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VIDEO: How to protect your prospects and new distributors from negativity.

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His team does over $100 million in sale per year, so what one simple technique does Network Marketing rock star Wes Linden use to protect his new distributors from negativity and keep more of them active on his team?

Find out in this LIVE video from the Direct Selling Mastermind Event. Plus Wes demonstrates how even 8-year olds can do what he teaches and how this effective technique helped him create over $40 million a year in sales from just one of his organizational legs.

He also shares how to inoculate your team from GUPTRs, how to protect your prospects from negativity, what “prospecting procrastination” looks like (and how to beat it) and the power behind “sliding door moments.”

Wes Linden is the first Mastermind Event speaker from the United Kingdom. He joined his network marketing company at age 20, after 4 years he was able to live directly from his network marketing income and by age 27 he’d developed a true rock star residual income and lifestyle which he’s been enjoying for the last 9 years… all with the same company. He has achieved the dream.

Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of FREEDOM!

Art Jonak

P.S. Ever wonder what new presenters at the Mastermind Event go through?

After a vetting process that lasts on average two years, they submit their presentation(s) months before the event into a extended “plan, do, review and adjust” process. Then, the day before the event, they are asked to join their fellow ‘rookie’ class for an intense and interactive coaching session. As Wes puts it…

“I joined the network marketing equivalent of the X-Factor judges, Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Hilde and Orjan Saele, amongst others, in preparation for my speaking opportunities at the Mastermind Event. I sat and observed the incredible feedback that fellow new faculty members received. I listened in awe at the fantastic tips that were shared and advice given and then from being a tad nervous, I couldn’t wait to have my chance.”

Here’s a candid photo Wes took while Eugene Hong was getting feedback on his presentation:

XFactorJudgesWes added, “Some really intuitive insights followed and I was able to put these thoughts into my presentations that were to follow over the next couple of days. It seemed the Mastermind was an event that not just the audience got great benefit from, but the speaking panel were able to learn and develop greatly too thanks to the X-Factor panel who gave up their time to help us improve.”

Take time to watch Wes Linden’s main stage presentation. He also did a 45-minute breakout session the next day.

Want to have the chance to meet and learn from Wes and the rest of the faculty at this year’s Mastermind Event? Get your ticket today. Thousands of Network Marketers from all over the world will be attending.

COMMENT BELOW: What’s your favorite part of this video?

P.S.: On July 1st Mastermind Event ticket prices increase. This is the best time to get you and your team together to take advantage of the current “advanced ticket pricing” and the specially priced “group rates.”



29 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to protect your prospects and new distributors from negativity.

  1. Paradigm shifting strategies and communications that will expedite results if consistently used. Study-Process-Repeat!

  2. Brilliantly communicated. I loved it, simplicity is key yet we always want to complicate matters. Thank you Wes.

  3. Loved the picture at the beginning of how his friends and family responded when he told them he joined a Network Marketing business. Great guy and great video thanks for sharing :)

  4. I liked his comment “People don’t care how much you know but need to know how much you care.”

  5. I enjoyed the opening comments about negativity. The point on keeping new people enthused by giving them third party tools. Excellent video!

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VIDEO: Will Randy Gage really be at Mastermind Event this year?

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Will Randy Gage really presenting at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event… even though he’s on his sabbatical?

• What will he be sharing during his sessions at the event?
• Why does he always recommend that his leaders attend this event?
• Why has he never missed a single Mastermind Event in 9 years?
• What’s been on his mind during his sabbatical?

Get the answers and MORE in this video from my recent visit with Randy Gage. Oh, and yes, the video is blurry in parts, sorry. But the audio is not. :)

Here’s to your success!

Art Jonak

PS: Did you know? The price of Mastermind Event tickets are at their lowest right now? Prices only go up as we get closer to the event. Get your tickets today!

One thought on “VIDEO: Will Randy Gage really be at Mastermind Event this year?

  1. Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Kingwood, TX!

    Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

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VIDEO Sneak peek! Where will Mastermind Event 2013 be?

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Hint: It’s where the 2013 MLM Mastermind Event will be held!

Post you guess in the comments below.

By the way, your answer does not need to be correct… just your best guess. :)

Here’s to Your Success!

Art Jonak

PS: Join thousands of fellow netwokers at the the Network Marketing Event of the Year... the MLM Mastermind Event … and bring your team. Click here to get your tickets.

95 thoughts on “VIDEO Sneak peek! Where will Mastermind Event 2013 be?

  1. Disney World, Orlando Florida! :) Can’t wait to show up and see for myself! Thank you Art for all you do for our Profession!

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VIDEO: A simple, duplicable way to present your product.

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“So, how does your product work?”

When someone asks YOU that question about YOUR network marketing product, what do you say? What do distributors on your team say? What answer do you train them to say?

When looking for a way to answer common questions that come up in your network marketing business, it’s best to put some thought into the answer. Apply some critical thinking. Test it. Find the the answer that works best… and then teach that.

I try to find answers that tackle as many of the following questions as possible:

  • Is the answer simple?
  • Is it fast?
  • Is it easy?
  • Is it simple to learn?
  • Can it duplicate? Meaning, can anyone on your team use the answer, regardless of their success or how long they’ve been in? Can it be duplicated for everyone. Remember, in network marketing, the question isn’t “Does it work?” the question is “Does it work and will it duplicate?”
  • Every time the answer is used, can it also re-sell the person using it on the product, company, business or profession of network marketing?
  • Is the answer “social.” Meaning, will it create a conversation or will it end a conversation?
  • Can the answer be unique to the person answering the question? If so,  the question becomes even more “social.”
  • Does it create excitement?
  • Does the answer create a positive result in most cases?
  • Does the answer prevent the distributor from feeling they need to know everything about the answer… getting them into action faster?

And in this specific case, I also wanted the answer to:

  • Encourage and reinforce the use of the product.
  • Reinforce the benefits of the product to the person sharing the answer.
  • Stop the distributor from becoming a “product expert.”

So, how do I answer the question, “How does your product work?”

That’s exactly the topic of today’s video where I’m joined by MLM Mastermind Event presenter Mike Potillo. We share the answer that works for us… and it might work for you.

It’s simple.

Here’s to YOUR success Mr. and Ms. Network Marketer… DREAM BIG!

Art Jonak

PS: Want to learn more skills to build your network marketing business BIGGER? Then come join me and thousands of fellow netwokers at the the Network Marketing Event of the Year... the MLM Mastermind Event … and bring your team. Get your tickets today!

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: A simple, duplicable way to present your product.

  1. I’ve been checking this blog continuously and I’m impressed! Truly! Extremely helpful information. :) I care for such info a lot for my network marketing business and for myself. I was looking for this particular type of information for a very long time. Thank you!

  2. I want to stay updated on your blog? But can’t find your RSS link and can’t find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Let me know so I can subscribe to your updates. I love your blog!!!

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VIDEO: Freeze… or SUCCEED?

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In this video Mastermind Event presenters Orjan Saele and Art Jonak discuss why so many new and existing network marketing distributors sabotage their success by going into “fight,” “flight” or “freeze” mode.

Orjan reveals a simple process on how to avoid the three “F modes” (fight, flight or freeze) and get into “A mode” (action mode.) The formula helps distributors snap out of “MLM Freeze Mode” and lock into action mode… and then keeps them in action long enough to achieve the results they want. Use this formula to do the same for you and your team.

Question: Have you ever experienced Fight, Flight or Freeze mode?
Please comment below…

Here’s to YOUR success and remember… DREAM BIG!

Art Jonak

PS: Want to learn more great Network Marketing best-practices? Then join me and Orjan at the the Network Marketing Event of the Year... the MLM Mastermind Event … and bring your team. Get your tickets today!

10 thoughts on “VIDEO: Freeze… or SUCCEED?

  1. I’m just coming out of both flight and freeze after doing all the training, story creatiing and visioning for my new biz! I was so frustrated with myself but I stopped responding to my upline and couldn’t get myself out of first gear. Agh!!! Makes total sense to me now why I did that. Thanks so much for the enlightenment!

  2. So glad I took the time to watch this video. It makes things so much CLEARER for me! I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put this information together! I GET IT… and I’m sharing this with my team. Hope that is OK?

  3. I really like this video because it identifies what I do when I am overwhelmed. Big numbers, big crowds of people overwhelm me. I really want to be in that position of having big numbers in my paycheck and I would love to have big crowds in the number of people I am with. I know that if I broke the numbers down into small numbers I would say,”I can do that. ” Then I repeat i t again and again it becomes a large number before I know it. This i can handle because all I have to do is do the same thing in front of a large crowd that I did with a small one. Practice makes perfect.

  4. Mahalo for the great information on finding balance and making small goals we know we can reach. I really liked the idea of building the dream AND giving clear assignments. Very excited to try this with my team and looking forward to learning more in Houston.
    Aloha and Mahalo!

  5. Thanks for the video and the useful insights!
    I agree it is very important to have the big dreams in place but in the same time make the smaller achievable steps towards the goal one by one.
    Just as in the saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

  6. FREEZE MODE! Guilty as charged. And I am always so mad at myself afterwards. And when I see my reps go through the same thing, it’s disheartening. FINALLY i know WHY this happens – and exactly what to do about it. Thank you Art Jonak for this great blog and Orjan for the interview on this important subject. Officially ‘unfrozen.’ :) <3

  7. My sponsor emailed me the link to this video and I’m so glad he did and even happier that I took the time to watch it to the end. I get WHY I sometimes freeze up (thank you Orjan for the WHY!) and the formula you suggest for fixing this for myself and my team makes so much sense. Thank you Art and Orjan – Dewayne

  8. This is a fantastic topic! I’ve fallen into all three, fight, flight and freeze mode and still often do. I love the solution you both offer in the video and love how you both admit to falling for the three-f’s as well. Happy to be on the A-Train now! :D Good job, cheers

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Distributors from 70+ different Network Marketing companies will be attending! Here’s THE LIST…

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Distributors from over 70 different Network Marketing companies will be attending this year’s Network Marketing Mastermind Event. Will you be networking with them?

The quality of the attendees at the MLM Mastermind Events is unparalleled, and the panels and presentations are a little short of electrifying. As you have seen from the headlines and extracts of the previous Network Marketing Mastermind Events, it’s a firecracker of a conference!

By now you’re probably aware that leaders from 20+ countries are coming to Houston for the Network Marketing Mastermind Event.

Which Network Marketing companies will be represented by the attendees?

Distributors from the following 70+ Network Marketing companies are already registered to attend:

21 Ten
4Life Research
Ambit Energy
Boresha International
Call MD Plus
Dynamaxx International
Empower Network
Fuxion Prolife
Fano Excel
Glenwood Energy Partners
It Works! Global
Juice Plus
Jusuru International
Lightyear Wireless
Morinda Bioactives
MXI Corp
Natures Sunshine
Ocean Avenue
OPN Sitetalk
Organo Gold
Rodan + Fields
Send Out Cards
SoZo Global
Team National
Telecom Plus
Terra Biotech
Trevo LLC
Utility Warehouse
Viridian Energy
World Ventures
Xocai Healthy Chocolate
Young Living
Zija International

And that’s not all of them because some attendees did not list their company name when registering. And some people have not even picked a company yet, they are showing up to do their due diligence on Network Marketing.

Is your company on the list? If it is, join in on the networking, learning and fun. If not, it can be… if you atttend. Either way, I invite you to register your seat today.

So will you be there? I sure hope so!

You can still get tickets to Network Marketing Mastermind Event, but as of this update there are only 64 tickets left!

Here’s to YOUR Success!

- Art Jonak

PS: And here’s a partial list so far of the different countries attendees will be flying in from!

South Africa
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States

7 thoughts on “Distributors from 70+ different Network Marketing companies will be attending! Here’s THE LIST…

  1. Pingback: Holly Rann

  2. Mastermind groups aren’t well established in the UK but I’m trying to do something about that. I’ve known about mastermind groups for years but it was in early 2010 that I got off my bum and decided to do something about it myself. It really is such an enlightening experience if you can find the right group of mastermind partners to work with in a format that suits you. I’m putting your videos on my mastermind blog too. The Mastermind Event is fantastic idea. Thank you!

  3. My brother recommended I might like this web site. He was right… it truly made my day. You can’t believe simply how a long I’ve been looking for the info that you are sharing for free on your blog! Thanks Art!

  4. A who’s who of network marketing! That’s a LOT of companies. What was even more impressive last year was the quality of people who attended. C U all in a few weeks. Jackie <3

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Totally fresh, all new… and nearly sold out!

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The calendar is turning fast…

… and the days are quickly disappearing between now and the most important event to take place in the Network Marketing profession.

We only have 77 spots left before the entire event is completely full. (Sorry, all VIP packages are already sold out.)

So, if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, I’m writing to urge you to get to the Mastermind Event. It’s truly going to be the best one yet.

Here’s the direct link for special advanced ticket pricing.

Totally fresh, all new, some new faces with powerful sessions, some returning presenters with new programs and some new interesting twists. This is the event where leaders are born in our profession.

Real quick — a couple of time-sensitive deadlines:

1. Ticket prices increase Monday, Oct 12 at midnight CST.

2. The 2-payment option goes away Monday, Oct 12.

For complete event details, visit:

Please. Find the time. Make the arrangements. Get on the plane. You’ll be glad you did.

Thank you — for all you do.

- Art Jonak

P.S. — Orjan Saele and I have a fantastic new video for you – it’s about getting past the “fight, flight and freeze” modes that often prevent us and our distributors from reaching our full potential. Look for an email with the link to the new video this weekend. (The last video we did together had over 200 comments and 20,000 views.)

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VIDEO: Tom “Big Al” Schreiter shares his greatest Network Marketing first sentence.

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Imagine, you’re having a conversation with a prospect, you know a network marketing business would be good for them… but you’re not sure how to bring up the topic of Network Marketing.

Wouldn’t it be good to know some of the easiest ways to bring up Network Marketing during a conversation? Well, in this video, Mastermind Event presenter Tom “Big Al” Schreiter shares his most tried-and-tested first sentence.

And once again, because everyone on your team can use this first sentence, it duplicates.

Sometime during your conversation, simply share Tom’s first sentence. I think you’ll find, like we have, that it naturally steers the conversation towards the benefits of having a Network Marketing business.

And check this out…

I’m going to share a Special Report with you soon. In it you’ll find a simple story you can share after using Tom’s first sentence. It’s so simple in fact (and since it’s a story), you won’t even have to memorize it… you’ll just find yourself effortlessly sharing the story with your prospect. And since it’s a story, your prospect will be leaning forward, eager to hear what you have to say.

Make sure you are on our update list so you can get the Free Special Report the moment it becomes available!

Create Your Success!

Art Jonak

PS: Want to make more money in Network Marketing? Then I highly recommend you come to the Network Marketing Mastermind Event, and bring your team. Tom and I both look forward to seeing you there! If you don’t haven’t done so already, get your tickets today!

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: Tom “Big Al” Schreiter shares his greatest Network Marketing first sentence.

  1. Love this!!! So simple, to the point and well delivered. So glad I found this blog. I can’t wait for future updates. I’m sharing this with my Unicity team ASAP. Would that be OK? :)

  2. HealthyFlyGirlLife at 35,000 feet Life at 35,000 feet will never be the same again! Thanks so much for this information. In less than 15 muitnes my belief about my Slight Edge Action for the day changed forever. I’ve been doing the proper action and not giving myself credit for it. I can totally see myself now moving toward getting the contact info for follow-up. Thanks all of you!

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