That face you make when when someone tells you Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scam

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Network Marketing is no longer on trial. It’s a proven and viable profession. A profession that’s helping millions of people get ahead financially and moving them closer to their dreams. Yet some people still incorrectly believe it’s a scam.

COMMENT CONTEST ►►► How do you respond to “Isn’t this a a pyramid?” Do you get the question much? Do you hear it less than before? Do you worry about hearing that question? Do you care if it comes up? Comment below.

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Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of INCOME!

Art Jonak

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26 thoughts on “That face you make when when someone tells you Network Marketing is a Pyramid Scam

  1. Really? Then you had better call the police and have me arrested. By the way, if you are working for a company or you own one that employs people, then the police will arrest you too for being involved in a pyramid. If you want while we wait for the cops, I will explain exactly what I mean.

  2. Any answer that indicates either Yes it is or No it is not just furthers the distrust the public has for us. Being Right is Wrong. The only appropriate response is….” What do you mean by that?” And listen with an open heart and mind.

  3. if any person says “is it a pyramid scheme?”, my reply will be

    ” oh if u know about pyramid schemes , i believe that u are also aware of the pyramid systems which we see every day and which are legal among them, our school,college management,all mnc’s are pyramid systems……

    top there will be CEO, then GENERAL MANAGERS, then MANAGERS, then GROUND STAFF……

    value flows from top to bottom, power flows from bottom to top which is legal pyramid…….. the same is happening with NETWORK MARKETING…….

    PRODUCTS N SERVICES flowing from (company) top to bottom, power is flowing from bottom to top…. SO the one we will be dealing with absolutely legal pyramid and pyramid systems are every where to see”

  4. I’d say, “Hey, power of the pyramid, man.” (Fist bump) Then ask, “But really – how do you mean, a pyramid scam?” And let them describe what that means to them – and then listen – and prove I listened by repeating it back to them in an even clearer and more dramatic way. They have to feel that I understand the matter from their point of view – then they can begin to relax and become open to the idea that this business is really the opposite of all those nasty pyramid scam things. Credit to Richard Brooke for this general approach to objections.

  5. “This is a pyramid scheme!”

    “Well, actually it is a distribution network made of a large number of partners and customers, but…I am just curious…is your mother or father from Egypt?”

    “Uh…no, why?”

    “Well I think I’ve heard somewhere that Egyptians have a tendency to see pyramids everywhere…ok, never mind, what else would you like to know?”

    Caution: it doesn’t work if your prospect is Egyptian :)

    Thank you for the picture, it is awesome.

  6. What do you mean by a pyramid scheme?
    When they answer, if they actually explain themselves, I say, “nope, this is not one of those.”

  7. No, pyramid schemes are illegal and I have no interest in anything illegal.

    My company makes products for health and wellness and that is my passion. My interest is to share my wonderful products with those who will benefit, and if they purchase I get a thank you check from my company. This is person to person sharing rather than marketing through commercials or expensive media advertising. I find it more personable and FUN!

  8. Isn’t this a pyramid? No! The pyramids are in Egypt. Why would you want one of those things? Where would you put it? Seriously. If your talking about one of those illegal scams. It’s not one of those things. What it is is a way of distributing products directly to consumers. I have a company that supplies me with a product. I help find them customers. Every time that customer orders or reorders a product I get paid a commission.

  9. I know how you feel, I felt the same way, but I found out that this is completely different. In a pyramid, the person on the top makes more money than anyone else in the organization.

    In our company, it doesn’t matter who sponsor’s who. I can make more money than the person who sponsored them. It’s entirely based on your own merit. Any one of us can surpass the other at any time.

    It’s completely different in corporate America. There, the CEO makes more than the President, the President makes more than the Vice Presidents, etc. etc. To me, that sounds more like a pyramid.

  10. No, this is network marketing.

    In this profession we actually have an opportunity to not only change our lives and achieve our dreams, but also to help others do the same. Your job is more like a pyramid.

  11. If I get asked, “Is this a “Pyramid”?

    I say “No!” Then I tell my story, “I use to to be in one when I worked in Corporate America until I was 34. Now I’m 39 and enjoy owning a global business from home that has residual income.”

  12. Well, let me tell you what we do… then you can call it what you want. We market a valuable service to people that need it and get paid a commission.

    We also help other people set up the same kind of business and receive overrides. Does that sound like something you would be interested in?

  13. “Is this one of those pyramid things?”

    Here’s what I say, “Well, I don’t know about that. Why don’t I just tell you what I do to get paid this kind of money and that way you can call it whatever you want?” :)

  14. When someone responds with ‘Is this a pyramid scheme?’ I respond by asking them a question like:

    “What exactly are you referring to or what do you think a pyramid scheme is?”

    More than likely they are referring to a certain program or just responding to something they have heard through the grapevine so to speak…

  15. Its a “pyramid scheme?”

    No, its not. A “pyramid scheme” is an illegal business where people are paid for recruiting and the money paid by the people joining later is paid to the ones who joined before.

    In network marketing, you are not paid to recruit. Let me repeat that — you are not paid to recruit. You are paid when you or your recruits actually sells the products. I could go out today and recruit 100 people and not make a penny. If, however, I go out today and recruit one person who buys some products or shows them to a friend who buys them, then I would make money. Its all about showing people both the products and the opportunity and letting them decide which one might be right for them. You don’t get paid to recruit in network marketing.

  16. Certainly not!

    In a Pyramid scheme you only make your money when someone joins below you. So the last person loses their investment.

    In my company you are supplying a valuable product to your customer and earn your money directly.

  17. I ask them, “What is a Pyramid?”

    When they answer, I say, ‘No, we aren’t like that. We actually work with a marketing company that deals with million dollar industries and we earn commissions from marketing the services of these industries.’

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It won’t be easy… but it WILL be WORTH IT! [Free Graphic]

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COMMENT! “What’s ONE obstacle people face on their way to success?”

Rejection? Fear? Doubt? Ego? Guilt? Haters? Friends? Society? Their Boss? Or…?

Post you answer in the comments below.

Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers, people face hundreds of different possible obstacles! Have FUN with this… and remember, success won’t be easy… but it WILL be WORTH IT!

Are you willing to fight through it all for you dreams? I sure hope so!

Art Jonak

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71 thoughts on “It won’t be easy… but it WILL be WORTH IT! [Free Graphic]

  1. What’s ONE obstacle people face on their way to success? Themselves. I look back and have no problem saying to myself, that was me. I have no excuses, no reason to blame others. It was all me. I have seen the enemy and it is I. My bad habits, my good habits, my character, my flaws, my ignorance, my education, my upbringing, my skill set, all of it. The largest obstacle in my ways has not been any of those things in the info-graphic. It has always been me. Maybe I don’t want to succeed. Maybe time was created to keep everything from happening at once, including my success. No matter what I try to ‘blame’ it on, it all rolls back down to me.

  2. Negative imprinting. A clear example is the generation that was born post-depression in the United States. The negativity can be cultural, family-based, institutional education, or early employment experience. The result is a psychological wall that can only be surmounted with positive experience equal in intensity and duration to the original imprinting, and must involve the conscious will of the individual. We are programmable and we are our own programmers, yes, but we do not all start with easily adapted code.

  3. For the longest time I struggled with motivation. You really need to be motivated to overcome all the other obstacles but a lack of motivation can sometimes be the biggest obstacle all by itself!

  4. I have been, over the past 20 years, in a series of situations (jobs, companies I started, freelance and consulting gigs, etc.) exposed to an unbroken string of “jobs disappearing underneath me”, and frankly I’ve gotten so “gun shy” that I almost expect that anything that I work on isn’t going to be around in 6-18 months. I guess that would be “doubt”, but it’s more like a sense of being seriously “snakebit”!

  5. Self-doubt is a primal block that most people have to break through. On my FB page I quote Charlie Chaplin who said: “Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself!” And that has stuck with me all these years, remaining so true in it simplicity!

  6. The biggest fears people have in network marketing – is to evolve. Many people are afraid to evolve from what’s holding them back – and to master their true selves.

  7. *justification alert* I wouldn’t call it necessarily worry all the time, I just prepare myself for all possible outcomes. Of course the negative outcomes are the ones that I focus on because I want to do all that I can to prevent them. As a mom, preparedness sometimes means worrying all the time. That gets in my way of success.

  8. I think that once you have a child that it becomes mandatory to worry all the time. Of course you worry pre-kids, but after kids it is just crazy the amount of worrying that goes on in a woman’s head. I can’t even watch the news anymore. So I’m torn between getting out there and making it happen, taking my dreams across the finish line and protecting my family now (knowing it’s just a short-term fix).

  9. How valuable each day of life is no matter how few of them there are. How to be compassionate to others. To be less judgmental, realizing everyone grieves and struggles in a different way and at a different pace. We each will face our own challenges as we take our dreams across the finish line!

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SCAM ALERT! You gotta be super careful out there! [Free Graphic]

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Have FUN with this… and here’s to YOUR success!

Art Jonak

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38 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT! You gotta be super careful out there! [Free Graphic]

  1. The Biggest “Scam” ever perpetrated is the one we do to ourselves. Become a Master of your fate by becoming a willing and committed Student of other successful people and most importantly time tested Success principles!

  2. Have been full time in Network Marketing/Internet Marketing since August 4th, 1996.

    Thanks to what good people like Tom “Big Al” cared enough to share with the rest of us, I might add. Couldn’t have made it this far without the help of good people like Tom, Robert Blackman & Joe Schroeder.

  3. Heard it the first from Øyvind Lien just before July 2012. It made ​​a strong impression on me when he talked about that this “scam” is our culture, has been for so many generations, and that it takes a lot of courage to break out of it to do something else. There may be a risk that others may look different on me if I choose otherwise. That summer we went on vacation for 4 weeks to Orlando and Key West, and I decided to use the holiday season to make a decision for myself. When we came back home to Norway I had decided to quit my job to start my own journey. and so I did. I had no experience in Network Marketing from before, but I just love what I am doing now. Have great colleagues in Zinzino that does not give me up, and I learn a little every day. And I’m quite sure that I have chosen the right road to make my journey “the best of my life”

  4. I was taken in by that Scam for year … even trained in college and grad school to work-for-the-scam. So glad I’ve awakened to Real possibilities. I love helping others get out of the scam.

  5. I was a victim for 20 years! I was so tired of being a slave to make someone else’s dreams come true. When I was first introduced to the world of network marketing, never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would have a team of 15,000 Associates within one year. It is truly a dream come true! Super excited to have discovered the best industry in the world!

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