Come on now… are you still doing that Commuter Traffic Thing? [Free Graphic]

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Ironic indeed! And the best part is this graphic has already gone viral! People love sharing “The Traffic Graphic.” So…

Here’s a high-resolution version that you can use freely to help share the message of Network Marketing. Simply right click, copy the image and share with others! Yes, we have “Social Media Friendly” versions too! We’ve posted the graphic on the most popular social media sites to make it easy for you to share it with others!

Grab and share the MLM “Traffic Graphic” now at:
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Art Jonak

4 thoughts on “Come on now… are you still doing that Commuter Traffic Thing? [Free Graphic]

  1. MLM works and is the vehicle responsible for helping many people on the road to find financial independence, typically within 2-5 years. There is, however, much confusion and misunderstanding concerning this business model. A pyramid scheme has no real product so commissions are based on bringing new people into the scheme who in turn also bring new people into the scheme. It’s usually the people at the top that get the most while those at the bottom get very little. Eventually all pyramid schemes collapse because there is no real product being sold. MLM, on the other hand, usually has a very real product that is sold either by retail or through members personal purchases (usually both). Members are encouraged to build a network of distributors to market the product. In MLM you can earn more than those at the top if you apply some effort. In a pyramid scheme you can never earn more than those above you, so when investigating an MLM company see if you can find out if there are people earning more than their sponsors. (this is the crucial test to weed out pyramid schemes).

  2. This is what I have been searching for and I ultimately identified it right here. Wonderful post. I am so impressed. Could under no circumstances imagine my dream was so attainable with Network Marketing… You have a excellent information on this website in particular dealings with these kinds of topics.

    • There is really no “best” method. Your upline should be teaching you how to get prospects. Don’t try to get fancy. Everyone in your downline needs to be able to do the same things you are doing for you to have long term success. And using PICTURES like this is a great way to communicate that duplicates! Thank you!

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