AUDIO: How To Get Unstuck

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AnnandRandy-Mastermind_V2Here’s a great interview Randy Gage conducted with Ann Feinstein on how you get unstuck.  Set aside 30 minutes to listen and take notes.  And be sure to share this with your team.

Listen in to Randy and Ann as they candidly discuss:

•    The key factors that make this a powerhouse and fun environment for leadership growth!

•    How the Mastermind Event is changing the culture and perception of our profession!

•    Who & what you can expect to see and learn in Orlando this year!

•    Why Ann’s Mastermind Event breakout session on Saturday afternoon will help you navigate through 7 of the most challenging situations that either you or your team may face!

•    How Randy’s opening Mastermind Event keynote on Friday morning will help you create your personal road-map to a lucrative residual income that can last a lifetime!

Here’s to your success!

Art Jonak

PS: Did you know? The price of Mastermind Event tickets are at their lowest right now? Prices only go up as we get closer to the event. Get your tickets today!

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