VIDEO: How to protect your prospects and new distributors from negativity.

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His team does over $100 million in sale per year, so what one simple technique does Network Marketing rock star Wes Linden use to protect his new distributors from negativity and keep more of them active on his team?

Find out in this LIVE video from the Direct Selling Mastermind Event. Plus Wes demonstrates how even 8-year olds can do what he teaches and how this effective technique helped him create over $40 million a year in sales from just one of his organizational legs.

He also shares how to inoculate your team from GUPTRs, how to protect your prospects from negativity, what “prospecting procrastination” looks like (and how to beat it) and the power behind “sliding door moments.”

Wes Linden is the first Mastermind Event speaker from the United Kingdom. He joined his network marketing company at age 20, after 4 years he was able to live directly from his network marketing income and by age 27 he’d developed a true rock star residual income and lifestyle which he’s been enjoying for the last 9 years… all with the same company. He has achieved the dream.

Build it once. Build it BIG. Build it to last a lifetime of FREEDOM!

Art Jonak

P.S. Ever wonder what new presenters at the Mastermind Event go through?

After a vetting process that lasts on average two years, they submit their presentation(s) months before the event into a extended “plan, do, review and adjust” process. Then, the day before the event, they are asked to join their fellow ‘rookie’ class for an intense and interactive coaching session. As Wes puts it…

“I joined the network marketing equivalent of the X-Factor judges, Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Hilde and Orjan Saele, amongst others, in preparation for my speaking opportunities at the Mastermind Event. I sat and observed the incredible feedback that fellow new faculty members received. I listened in awe at the fantastic tips that were shared and advice given and then from being a tad nervous, I couldn’t wait to have my chance.”

Here’s a candid photo Wes took while Eugene Hong was getting feedback on his presentation:

XFactorJudgesWes added, “Some really intuitive insights followed and I was able to put these thoughts into my presentations that were to follow over the next couple of days. It seemed the Mastermind was an event that not just the audience got great benefit from, but the speaking panel were able to learn and develop greatly too thanks to the X-Factor panel who gave up their time to help us improve.”

Take time to watch Wes Linden’s main stage presentation. He also did a 45-minute breakout session the next day.

Want to have the chance to meet and learn from Wes and the rest of the faculty at this year’s Mastermind Event? Get your ticket today. Thousands of Network Marketers from all over the world will be attending.

COMMENT BELOW: What’s your favorite part of this video?

P.S.: On July 1st Mastermind Event ticket prices increase. This is the best time to get you and your team together to take advantage of the current “advanced ticket pricing” and the specially priced “group rates.”



29 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to protect your prospects and new distributors from negativity.

  1. Paradigm shifting strategies and communications that will expedite results if consistently used. Study-Process-Repeat!

  2. Brilliantly communicated. I loved it, simplicity is key yet we always want to complicate matters. Thank you Wes.

  3. Loved the picture at the beginning of how his friends and family responded when he told them he joined a Network Marketing business. Great guy and great video thanks for sharing :)

  4. I liked his comment “People don’t care how much you know but need to know how much you care.”

  5. I enjoyed the opening comments about negativity. The point on keeping new people enthused by giving them third party tools. Excellent video!

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