VIDEO: Why do some people quit… before they succeed?

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While docked in St Tropez harbor, Peter Sørensen asked me, “Why do some people quit… before they succeed?” Well, that’s the topic of today’s video.

At the end of the video, you’ll see a short clip of us cruising the French Riviera on an 82-foot Mangusta Luxury Yacht… at high speeds… racing a “Paparazzi Helicopter.” :)

COMMENT: What is ONE reason YOU think some people quit Network Marketing… before they succeed?
Share your answer in the comments below. Don’t worry, there are no wrong answers, people have used hundreds of different possible reasons! I’m just curious to see how big of a list we can make! <grin> And if you want to post more than one reason, feel free.

By the way, here’s a picture of Peter’s new book, Dream Catcher.

Dream CatcherPeter and I have traveled all over the world together: Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, South and North America. He is a super successful network marketing leader, top in his company and also author of the book Dream Catcher. Peter had asked me to write the forward to his book, which I was honored and thrilled to do. Thank you Peter.

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Here’s to Your Success!

Art Jonak

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33 thoughts on “VIDEO: Why do some people quit… before they succeed?

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  2. I love the valuable information you supply to your articles and videos. And I’m sharing this MLM Mastermind Event blog with my Organo team!

  3. I think the foundation of the buisness is the main reason why people do not remain in the business. Network marketers in particular give false hopes to those who decide to join them. It’s a business and very ,very few businesses break even as quickly ,as we promise those, who join us.

  4. They don’t understand the word network. Networking can be fun, but it is still work. Sometimes when we explain the business, we don’t impress upon them that it is as much work as making millions the “traditional” way. The key difference isn’t the amount of work, but who decides how hard you have to work to achieve the goal. Could be laziness, could be insufficient self confidence, could be poor training, could be poor support. Different strokes for different folks!

  5. The reason i think why most people quit before they even start is the they aren’t patience enough. They wan’t to se results immediately, fast cash. They don’t see the long time reward that comes. A buisness is simply NOT build over a night, it takes time. / P

  6. My belief is that most people have been programmed to accept mediocrity. However when we change the programming with the correct knowledge (truth) and action, then anything becomes possible!

  7. People have quit my business for only two reasons:
    1) I got them started with a bad launch process which didn’t put people in their business and short circuited duplication.
    2) I got them started with improper expectations and let them think it was easier than it really is.

    In almost every case I can remember, it’s my actions that indirectly caused them to quit.

    We need to stop giving ourselves excuses and acting like people improperly launched are somehow defective or worthless. Most people can be great network marketers if you launch them right.

    I don’t give up on myself and I don’t give up on my clients.

  8. People quit before they succeed because they like the idea of the dream and a better life. What they do not realize is part of the success is how well they can keep their focus on their dream and accept setbacks as part of the journey! People are not open to grow, overcome obstacles, including unsupportive friends and family and pick themselves back up! Not me baby!!!

  9. Very simple. People who quit do not have their WHY in order!

    Try to imagine that you have a tight belt around your body and from that belt goes a rubber band which is tightend to and goes all the way to your WHY and VISION and every time your excuses, mediocre people, laziness, challenges etc. try to pull you away from your VISION/GOALS, then the rubber band will automatically pull you toward your VISION/GOALS again because it´s tightened to your WHY!

  10. People quit because people quit things – whether it be going to the gym or network marketing. As Jim Rohn used to say: “I would not take that class” (on trying to figure it out). Just keep going.

  11. People quit because of their lack of direction, skill, consistent commitment and a positive attitude. They lose faith and belief in them-self, their leaders, and what they are trying to pursue. Today’s society has a microwave mentality, they want everything now! Fast, easy, cheap, and as pain free as possible. However in the pursuits of success, the microwave mentality is only formula for failure.

  12. I think most people quit before they succeed because they don’t have faith in themselves that they can succeed. They listen to too much negativety and they start to believe it. If they would feed their minds with more positive info and remember why they started in network marketing then maybe they would succeed in network marketing.

  13. I believe that people quit before they are successful because their whole life they are taught to never ask for anything. As young children if we are at a neighbors house and they have cookies and we ask for some we are told “It isn’t polite to ask.” As we grow older we are conditioned to not ask for what we want. It is considered egotistical and arrogant. How dare we put our needs ahead of what others want. Our whole lives we believe that our needs, wants and what we have to offer is not significant enough to ask others for. In sales the whole concept is to “ask” for a sale, but when you have been told that it is inappropriate to ask for anything this goes against what we have been taught as our beliefs as acceptable. In order to be successful we need to change our belief system about what is right and appropriate and learn that it is ok to ask … to explain more, to continue on, for the sale.

  14. Most people quit because they don’t have any faith or belief in themselves. They feel that sharing their product and company with others is for some reason so much different than sharing information about a great movie or restaurant. They have not faith or belief in themselves…stepping outside of their comfort zone is too painful.

  15. I think most people quit before they succeed because they dont have faith in themselves that they can succeed. They listen to too much negativety and they sart to believe it. If they would feed their minds with more positive info and remember why they started in network marketing

  16. I beleive people quit too soon because of lack of belief in themselves and their company…. The possibility of not achieving their goals, in a preconceived time limit, allows them to quit on a bad day, and we all know to “never quit on a bad day!”

  17. They have a negitive mindset, They think that they will not suceed, and they are afraid of failing, so they quit before they can fail, preventing the possibility of failing. The fear of failure is stronger than the desire to suceed.

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