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“From sleeping on an air mattress
to sleeping on Private Jets...”

Company owners and field leaders look to Mike Potillo when they want to take their sales to a "Whole Notha Level." Known as the "Potillo Perspective," his strategies and philosophies are not only great ideas but have been proven in the real world, multiple times.

After dropping out of college, he persuaded the love of his life Tiffany to say “I do” and they both jumped head first into the Network Marketing profession.

Starting out as an $8 an hour employee for a network marketing company and part time distributors they realized it wasn’t as easy as they thought but soon learned to become students of the profession and two years later they became top distributors in that company and are now network marketing multi-millionaires.

Mike quickly learned how to not only lead his own team, but that field experience gave him a unique outlook on how to lead companies from the corporate side.

He is now the Chief Sales Officer for a quarter billion dollar a year Network Marketing company listed on the Inc. 500. He's not a Chief Sales Officer who sits the office, he flies from city to city, country-to-country actively working with and growing the distributor force.

From $40 million a year to $40 million a month in sales...

• In 2011 his company did $40 million in sales for the year.

• In 2012 they grew from $4 Million a month to over $21 Million a month in sales putting them into the top 50 companies in the world of direct sales and closing 2012 with $200 million in sales.

• But it gets better, in 2013 they've continued to grow and are now doing over $40 million a month in sales!

Mike Potillo has came a long way and is happilly teaching others to do the same.

And here's a fun tid-bit...

Way back in 2004, Mike sent in a video application to Donald Trump's The Apprentice... and did so as a network marketer.

He made it through many cuts, was flown to Los Angeles and was one of the final 16 guys for Season 2 of The Apprentice. He didn't make the final 8, but they offered him a guaranteed spot on the next season... and he turned them down!

MLM Mastermind Event
Orlando, FL | Oct 31-Nov 2, 2014

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Mike and Tiffany show no signs of slowing down. Day after day they help distributors overcome their concerns about whether they can “do it”... and then show them how!

Meet and learn from Mike Potillo at this year's Mastermind Event!


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From sleeping on an Air Mattress...

... to sleeping on Private Jets.


Tiffany and Mike Potillo flying to a meeting...

Mike Potillo delivering a training and getting team members fired up!


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