Ann Feinstein

“Make TODAY that ‘someday’ that you have always been dreaming about!”

Growing up in Bucks County, PA, with 2 younger brothers, Ann’s parents told them to go to college, get a good education and we would feel secure. Following their advice and graduating from Penn State University, Ann became a high school English teacher and Drama Coach living on her own in Allentown, PA. Those first two years out of school were a real turning point for Ann, as she soon discovered what it meant to scrape by on more month than money!

Jumping on an opportunity to move to NYC as Director ofResearch for a leading Park Avenue consulting firm, Ann met her first entrepreneurial mentor who told her: “Ann, the only security you will ever have in life is what you create for yourself.“ she soon realized that everything she had done up to that point … every skill she had worked so hard to develop both as a teacher and as a corporate consultant … and every step she had taken to expand her vision and determination to succeed … had prepared her for the next step that would change her life forever. 

Along the way, she met the love of her life, David, and together they discovered their ultimate purpose and vision using the emerging entrepreneurial trends in today's mobile & global economy by creating a successful home based business system, with easy to use breakthroughs in mobile communications, social media and digital marketing, which are making such a difference in the financial successes of so many amazing friends and business partners around the world!

Ann’s focus is to empower & inspire you to live your life to the fullest, to enjoy the financial security and freedom you truly want for yourself, and to LIVE FULL OUT by "Creating a Lifestyle that you LOVE!"

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