Ayça Aktaş Şimşek & Nahsan Şimşek

Ayça and Nahsan have nearly 20 years experience in Direct Selling and have established teams across many different cities.

As part of their commitment to the profession, they realised a crucial deficiency in the sector, which was lack of opportunities for people to access not only true and organised information in their country, but also training materials and tools, which are essential to build direct selling business and achieve their dreams. In line with this, they established their own publishing house and many of the titles they have published in Turkey include familiar names like Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter, Wes Linden, Bob Burg and Randy Gage.

As part of Ayça & Nahsan’s objective to touch the lives of as many people as possible, all the revenue from their publishing has been used for charity to help abandoned children, abused children and women in need at home and abroad.

We are delighted to welcome Ayça and Nahsan to the Mastermind family, and are grateful that they are helping us to promote and broadcast the Mastermind Event to the good people of Turkey,

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