Becca Levie

"Starting a career in Direct Selling is the best decision I ever made for my family and myself."

Becca Levie, fast becoming known as the Crap Alchemist was born with a heart defect and not expected to live. After a miraculous surgery at age 2 she was sent home to a drug and alcohol addicted mom who didn't want children. Around the age of 8, Becca's mom took her and her two younger sisters ages 2 and 4 on a long plane ride to another state and then abandoned them. Having experienced this along with hunger, physical, emotional and sexual abuse Becca believed she was worthless and had no chance for a better life.

After a failed suicide attempt Becca started learning about dreaming big and believing in herself. Several decades later she and her husband started a successful private label lip balm company with clients such as Wynn Las Vegas, the US Military, the NHL and hundreds of other well known businesses. Becca had also started speaking and sharing her story. Life was busy and good.

Enter Direct Sales, three weeks before Becca started with her Direct Sales Company you could have bet her $50,000 dollars she would never join another Direct Selling Company. Now after almost 12 years that number seems small.

Becca has personally sponsored over 400 business partners, is a top leader and earner in her company and now with the help of her amazing daughter Kallie Pettichord, they work with over 18,000 in their organization which does over $34 million in sales a year.

Becca has come to learn you don't have to be perfect to be powerful.  Live and work from your heart and teach others to do the same and you will not only be successful in business but also in  your relationships.

Working with her daughter and starting a non-profit this year for suicide awareness are just two of the many unexpected dreams that have come to fruition because of this marvelous profession.  When people truly understand all Direct Selling has to offer, they can't keep it to themselves.

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