Kallie Pettichord-Smith

You know that blood sweat and tears that you pour into your business to build something that you are proud of and a legacy to leave to your children or grandchildren? Kallie's story is just that!

Kallie grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Her dad owns a successful business & her mom and fellow Mastermind Event speaker, Becca Levie, has had MANY different businesses with her bonus dad, Terry. After many years of experiencing business venture after business venture (some successful and some not so much) they found their company 13 years ago and took off running.

Year two Becca brought Kallie on to help assist and support their group that was growing LIKE CRAZY, which transitioned into them being business partners and allowing Becca to enjoy the Beach Money lifestyle that this profession can provide and Kallie continued to focus on growing their families legacy business.

Most of Kallie's influential and adult years (21-32) have been spent learning and growing as a person while working with those in her company to help them do the same. Building a life by design and a legacy to change the lives of one's family.
With an organization of 30,000 consultants around the world, many rockstar leaders and the perspective of how life changing and powerful this profession can be in one's life, Kallie has helped lead their team through a year of ups and downs, through an international pandemic to their organizations best year ever, almost doubling their team and selling over $90 million as an organization  in 2020!

Sharing this life-changing opportunity that direct selling offers and helping to change the negative stigma around our profession is something Kallie is very passionate about and is why she is proud to be a part of the Mastermind Event!

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