Latest news: Mastermind 2021

Following the huge success of our Virtual Mastermind Event 2020, we know that you’re going to LOVE what we’ve got in store for you this year. We're sure you already have your virtual ticket secured and the dates marked off, but if not, read on...

Join us on Dec 11-12, 2021

10am-3pm CST

4pm-9pm GMT

5pm-10pm CET

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Featured Speakers
Global Attendees
2 days
Dec 11-12, 2021

Virtual format

To ensure everyone can benefit from the Mastermind Event without the uncertainty of travel plans and local government rules, this year's event is 100% virtual.

Global reach

With over 10,000 of you set to join us from over 35 countries, this will without doubt be the largest Mastermind Event since we first started out in 1996!

Join us Dec 11-12, 2021
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What people said about the previous Mastermind Event

"Another level of awesome!"

Learnt SO much! Absolutely brilliant! I would recommend anyone who is serious about their direct selling business invests in this awesome event! It will pay you back 10 fold! 5 stars!

"Mastermind has impacted our lives"

Mastermind offers an invaluable world perspective on our incredible profession and direction for the months and years ahead. It's impacted our lives, family, mindset, drive and team development!

"A life changing breakthrough"

If you are ready to create a vision for your team, seeking to be a great leader for others to follow, looking to be a better presenter or needing a life changing breakthrough in your belief system - you need Mastermind!

Join us Dec 11-12, 2021
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A free gift for you and your team

To give you a taste of Mastermind, here's one of the most popular topics we shared last year, the ‘Slight Edge’ formula for growing your team and income. You can also download the free PDF resource mentioned in the video here.

Speakers money can't buy

Our speakers will rarely be seen on any other stage

One of the things people love most about the Mastermind Event is the world-class speakers who have built seriously big businesses and significant incomes, who are still leading their teams and so entirely understand where the profession is at. They rarely speak outside of their own company but they make an exception for the Mastermind Event, due to the many years of trust and incredible value that have been deposited in our space.

Join us Dec 11-12, 2021
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Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the most commonly asked questions below, but for anything else, you can chat with us live here.
Can I rewind it if I miss a bit?

You can’t rewind the event whilst it is live, but all ticket-holders will get access to watch the event again until the end of 2021.

Is there an in-person Mastermind Event this year?

We wish! Sadly though, the uncertainty around travel plans, hotels, and local Government rules, have made it impossible for us to commit to an event in 2021. We really hope to be back together again in 2022 though!

What if I need help before or during the event?

Prior to the event, the live chat team of Stan, Gabe, Abi, Diana, James, Nick, Jamie or Owen are online most the time, apart from when they’re sleeping! They’ll be online during the event to answer your queries - click here to start a new live chat.

I can't attend both days, can my teammate share my access to the event?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to share the virtual event access, however the whole event will be available to replay until the end of 2021, so you'll be able to catch up on anything you miss.

And if your teammate would like to join the event, be sure to contact us as we might be able to offer them a discounted price as a token of our appreciation for you sharing the event with them.

Can I watch with my team in the same room?

If you have teammates local to you who want to be part of the adventure, of course, providing it is in line with any restrictions in your region, you can all learn together and enjoy Mastermind Event 2021.

What kind of device can I watch the event on?

Any device that you can usually watch videos online - your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer or some smart TV’s. Some people will screen share to their TV as well but this may need additional wires or apps that you’d need to get in advance of the event. Our online support is not able to offer support on questions over specific devices, unless by luck, it’s a device they have themselves!

Will the event be available in other languages?

Absolutely! We love that our audience has spread far and wide, and this year, we're supporting even more languages and making the event more accessible. During the live event on Dec 11-12, you will be able to watch in English and Spanish, as well as a dedicated feed for English Subtitles. In the weeks following the live broadcast, we will also be adding support for Turkish, Farsi and Bulgarian. For more information regarding these languages, please contact us.