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DECEMBER 11-12, 2021

Creating leaders since 1996

Mastermind is the ONE conference top Direct Selling entrepreneurs attend EVERY year. Why? For the priceless relationships. And of course to learn the best-practices, hottest trends and most relevant business-building insights for Direct Selling, Entrepreneurship, Social Media, Personal Development, Finance, the Side-Hustle Economy and cutting-edge Tech.


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Mastermind Event is the only place where entrepreneurs of all fields are able to come together and learn what it takes to become better. I've been able to meet some of the most successful people one-on-one and receive loads of information that has helped not only in my business but also in my own personal growth.

Kaleo Leonidas Gonzalez
Hawaii, USA

Another level of awesome! Learnt SO much! Absolutely brilliant! I would recommend anyone who is serious about their direct selling business invests in this awesome event! It will pay you back 10 fold! 5 stars!

Karoline & Pip Taylor
Kent, England

The most amazing learning experience and information I have ever received. I will never miss another one!

Beth Langenderfer
North Carolina, USA

Mastermind has impacted our lives, family, mindset, drive and team development and offers an invaluable world perspective on our incredible profession and direction for the months and years ahead. See you there!

Robin & Cal Brooks
North Wales, UK

Tremendous training material. Great event, fun people, excellent leaders. Thanks so much to everyone involved.

Geoffrey Scheid
Texas, USA

If you are ready to create a vision for your team, seeking to be a great leader for others to follow, looking to be a better presenter or needing a life changing breakthrough in your belief system - Mastermind is the event for you!

Tracy Barnes
Tampa, USA

It was phenomenal. I took away so much information as well as an action plan that I was able to use and have great success in my business.

A.C. Moore

Awesome Experience. It definitely expanded my mind 1000%. I have to bring my leaders to see what I saw!

Chuy Gutierrez

It's a wonderful, really great event. I've learned so much. This event confirms that I'm in the right moment of my life! Thanks so much!

Antonieta Sarmiento
Caracas, Venezuela

Events cause momentum; and Mastermind is an awesome event to kick your business into gear and cause huge momentum! So glad I went and I'm definitely planning on making it there every year!

Jana Kilburn
New York, USA

The most influential event of my career. You get tools that you can use immediately with your own group and I couldn't wait to get back home and share the best things with my Finnish and Estonian teams.

Manu Rekola

Mastermind Event is the ONE event ALL serious networkers should attend each year. The content is fantastic, the speakers are world class. The fun and fellowship is second to none.

Jerry Scribner
Texas, USA

My first Mastermind Event - perfect timing! What an amazing and memorable experience, I highly recommend it.

Johanna Medina
Orlando, USA

A powerfully impactful event. World class leaders of our industry sharing their knowledge and skills with so much passion that you feel like they are speaking directly to you.

Bev Blackburn
Yorkshire, England

There is a wonderful sense of ‘community’ about the Mastermind Event. It’s an environment where entrepreneurs can come together safely and share good practice which is why I’ve encouraged all my leadership to attend.

Derek Thomas
Cardiff, Wales