Andi Duli

Andi Duli


Andi Duli was born and raised in a poor family in Albania, during the harsh years of communism. He remembers going to bed hungry and not having electricity or running water. As a child in Albania, he heard about the American Dream. He had never heard of another country that had the word dream after it, and since there was no "Albanian Dream," he knew that staying in his home country would be to continue the struggle of his father and grandfather.

Andi had compelling thoughts of a better life, so he left his family and country and came to America April of 1998 at age 18. He arrived with only a few hundred dollars in his pocket. He did not speak any English and did not have any connections.

Andi learned quickly and tried attending college. Three years later he was still a freshman and was delivering pizzas for a living. He was so desperately looking for a new career and opportunity, but because of his broken English and no degree, he could not land another job. This is when someone shared a DVD presentation about a Network Marketing opportunity with him. This was just what Andi was looking for. All he needed was an opportunity and a chance.

When Andi started in Network Marketing, he was broke, with over $40,000 in debt and had a car that honked by itself. The dream of being financially free, and a strong desire to give back to his family back home overrode all his fears. When he started, he made a commitment to stay in until he learned what he needed to learn to win. He says failing was never an option. There were too many people counting on him and so many of his own dreams to reach.

Today, Andi has a team that has grown to over 15,000 people with annual sales over $30 million and growing. He has been able to retire his parents, bring them to America and even travel for 6 weeks staying at 5 star resorts with them. Andi believes with all his heart that if it can happen for an immigrant, pizza delivery driver, who started broke, with no English, and no network, it can happen for anyone.

Andi is another Mastermind Event faculty member you simply won't find on the usual speaking circuit. Normally to learn his insights, you'd have to be a member of his team. Like the other presenters, he's agreed to participate in this generic event, working to elevate the profession for us all.

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