Eugene Hong

Eugene Hong


Eugene Hong is the number one income earner worldwide in his Network Marketing company.

Eugene started an authentic Hawaiian chicken business 13 years ago. The success of his business came at a cost though. He found himself working his traditional business over a 100 hours a week, 7 days a week. He became a slave to his own business. "I always dreamed of being a business owner, until I realized that the business owned me," shares Eugene, "There was so much stress in my life that it really started to take a toll on my own personal health."

Eugene wanted the benefits and perks of being his own boss, but wanted to find a way to free up his time and enjoy life as well. He wanted to spend more time doing the things he loved, being around his family, and friends. It was then that he was introduced to the Direct Selling profession. Eugene has gone on to become a Million Dollar Club member, and has helped create over 70 Diamonds in his organization, the vast majority of them being brand new to the Direct Selling profession or with little to no success before.

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