James Rutter

James Rutter

Assistant Attorney General to Direct Selling Leader!

James graduated law school and started his legal career as an Assistant Attorney General. Even with a well-paying job, he struggled to pay his bills because his student loan payments were so high. That caused him to look for other ways to earn income and the only way he knew how was to trade hours for dollars. So he picked up a second job and with two jobs he was then working 18 hours a day. It wasn’t until several months later that a friend introduced him to Direct Selling and the idea of residual income.

After starting a business in direct sales in 2012, James has fallen in love with the industry. The personal development, positive and success-oriented culture, and the increase in his personal belief are just a few of the reasons he will forever be grateful for this industry. He is mostly grateful though for meeting his wife through direct sales and now having three children that he has the freedom to spend his time with.

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