Jenifer Furness

Jenifer Furness

Building It BIG By Creating A Customer Culture.

Jen Furness, has been married for 20 years to her soul mate and biggest cheerleader, Keith, and is a busy mother of two very active children, Carter and Faith. 

Her heart and mindset were forever changed at her first Mastermind event in 2013 through various testimonies such as Sarah Robbins and Orrin Woodward. She left on fire and has never looked back. It’s been a roller-coaster ride like most, but she wouldn’t change a thing. 

Today, Jenifer has personally sponsored 18 business partners over a period of 6 years, including her twin sister. She has 6 leader legs with a team over 6000, she generates over $15 million in sales per year…and growing! The most significant detail that sets her apart is that 80% of her team volume is generated from customers!

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