Jerry Scribner

Jerry Scribner

Sports career dreamer to helping others change their lives.

Jerry Scribner knows the value of personal development. As a young man growing up in central Michigan he wanted more than anything to be a professional athlete. Jerry dreamed of playing for his beloved Detroit Tigers, Lions or Pistons and becoming a champion. Jerry had a lot of heart, always refusing to give up, but he had normal talent. His sports career ended in high school.

Always the dreamer, he set out to be a millionaire by age 30, it didn’t happen. So Jerry went to college at age 31 and entered corporate America in the commercial door business. Over the years his dreams diminished and he “settled” for an average job, home, debts and life. Then, in 2007 a friend asked Jerry to watch a short online video about a Direct Selling business. It made sense and Jerry launched his business on a spare time basis. The first thing his friend did was send him a personal development CD by Jim Rohn. That single act of kindness propelled Jerry to seek his own journey of personal responsibility. Even though he joined an already well "established" company that was doing over $700 million in sales, he built his way to being one of the top 15 earners, every year, for the last six years.

Jerry's “purpose” is to help families totally eliminate debt from their lives. “We had serious economic needs when we found our Direct Selling business,” Jerry says. Direct Selling helped Jerry and his family through the hard times and into prosperous times.  Today he, and his wife Monica, and their daughters enjoy a truly blessed life.  To this day, Jerry considers himself a “normal guy” who focuses on studying the success of others.

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