Joga Shoker

Joga Shoker

Building a successful Direct Selling business as a successful Franchise Owner‍

Having started in the fast food industry at a young age, Joga decided to open up a chain of Subway franchises aged just 28.

A few years into his business having built it to a multi-million dollar turnover he found that the pressure and hours of work had not decreased with time and he was effectively working a minimum wage job.

So when he was shown his Direct Selling business, he realized this could be the thing which would allow him the what he values the most - time! So, he jumped in and got going alongside his Subway businesses.

Married to his lovely wife Lorraine for the last 6 years, they have had many challenges and it was thanks to his Direct Selling income that they were able to afford IVF, which eventually allowed them to have their first child, Jupiter-Jones, 3 years ago.  

With his 20 years plus experience in franchising, Joga has been able to duplicate a big team with several great leaders within his Direct Selling business. 

Having personally recruited over 150 people himself into his organization, they will turnover more than $15 million dollars in sales this year, and the team are known for mixing business and fun to create a fantastic, family-friendly team culture.

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