Victor Darquea

Victor Darquea

Certified Life Coach, an educator and wellness expert with over 14 years of experience in personal development.

Victor has trained and educated people by taking a message of hope to millions around the world. He is also a proud father to 4 children and a devoted husband.

Victor Darquea was born and grew up in Ecuador in South America. When he was 19-years old he served a two-year mission for his church. While on his mission, he was hit by a bus that caused a back injury which put him in a wheelchair. He returned home looking at the possibility of life-altering back surgery.  However, through extensive physical therapy and exercise Victor was able to recover without surgery.

He came to the United States knowing very little English and sought opportunities and safety from threats towards his family in Ecuador. He applied for United States citizenship and at the end of the application process, after several approval letters, immigration made a processing error and took steps to begin deportation which landed him in county jail. After reaching out to the state senator and informing him about the error, the senator took action to resolve the issue and Victor was released from jail the day before Thanksgiving. Starting over from nothing and determined to care for himself and his new wife, Victor found a job as a janitor at a gas station and then as a night shift employee at a small hotel. Despite these circumstances, he continued to believe in his vision of owning his own business which he believed would create more freedom and opportunities for his family and causes he cared about.

Victor knew he needed a steady income to provide for his family and to fulfill his dreams. He had a stable job at a Direct Selling company for four years. After working for this company, he saw the potential that Direct Selling had to help him build his dreams. He then jumped from the corporate side and became an Independent Distributor. This allowed Victor to replace his annual income within a year. Because of his Life Coach experience, he mentors and supports his team to help them break through their limitations to find clarity and purpose as they achieve their life-long dreams. He now has a team of 25,000 people on all seven continents in places such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Bulgaria. Many people in his growing organization earn a six figure annual income.

Victor, along with his wife and children, have discovered one of the greatest opportunities of Direct Selling is having the freedom of time, to raise their beautiful family, make memories, and serve in their church, all while they are also helping others build their own dreams. Victor believes that when you see people, not for who they are, but for who they can become, you empower them to see their own potential.

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