Art Jonak

"If you’re ready to look at the Direct Selling business with a fresh perspective you have never had before, Art Jonak is your guy."

Art Jonak
Art Jonak
Texas, USA

He will have you questioning premises, evaluating your best practices, and approaching the relationship with your field leaders and customers in a bold new way.

A leading industry influencer...

For more than two decades, Art has been an integral part of the profession, becoming one of the most experienced and trusted behind-the-scenes advisors to corporate teams and field leaders alike.  He began at Upline Publishing, co-hosts the annual Direct Selling Cruise (established in 1989), and is the founder of the iconic annual Mastermind Event (established in 1996).

Art works with leaders across many companies and is an active field leader himself. He has travelled to over 80 countries, has built an organization with distributors in many of those countries that generates millions of dollars in sales per month... and continues to help others reach significant leadership positions and income levels in the business. He has spoken at and conducted events for over a half a million people.

Art’s influence can be felt across our profession and in most company's sales field, probably including yours. A leading voice and advocate for the profession, Art’s pragmatic, forward-looking and insightful views on the Direct Selling channel permeate the collective field of the profession.

Today Art also works with tech and start-up companies, bringing those fresh insights to our profession.

Thanks to the passive income generated from his business, today Art also works with entrepreneurs across many professions, with an emphasis on tech and start-up companies.  When it comes to technology, underlying trends, shifting landscapes, start -up and go-to-market insights... insiders turn to Art for advice and direction.

Art will help you track market forces outside the profession — and connects technological, financial and social disruptors to anticipate how new technologies, regulations and trends are relevant and impactful to Direct Selling companies and teams.

Normally to learn his insights, you'd have to find a way to hangout with him. Like the other presenters, he participates in The Mastermind Event to help elevate the profession for us all, and it's the one event where he openly shares his insights.

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