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Wes Linden

From university drop-out to building a Direct Selling team with over $150 million a year in sales.

Having failed his first year at University, Wes Linden was well on his way to failing his second year too. He had just turned 20 while doing some student teaching as part of his degree, when he first heard about Direct Selling.

Wes was already £10,000 in student debt, living with his mother and without a car. He went to a good school and all of his friends were doing much better than him, on their way to completing top medical, legal or economic degrees, and he was pretty directionless. So he decided to get involved in Direct Selling to work alongside his studies, in the hope of earning some extra money in the short term, and building a residual income in the long term.

After a few short months, Wes was hooked on Direct Selling and decided to drop out of university... before he was kicked out! Although he kept a student mentality (late nights, trash TV and parties) he gave his sole focus to his Direct Selling company and started to make a success of it.

Now in his early 40's, Wes Linden's organization does over $150 million in sales per year. He is still actively involved in his Direct Selling company, hosting many of their major conventions and training videos, while still enjoying building his business as close to the grass roots as possible.

Even though he's achieved the top level in his company and the pinnacle of success, he's determined not to be detached or removed from the lifeblood of any business - the new joiners. This is reflected in his first book and audio CD set, launched in early 2014, '79 Network Marketing Tips for Fast Track Success,' which has topped the Amazon best-selling lists for nearly 60 consecutive months (nearly five years!)

He’s followed that up with two other best-selling books ‘The Prospecting Game’ and ‘Win The Room’, as well as having launched a ‘Chats With’ series of audiobooks, the first one being with Randy Gage.

Wes has only ever been involved with ONE Direct Selling company and he's been with that one company for over twenty years now. He is a big advocate of being loyal and focussing on the long term, providing your business has the strength to support that.

Wes has a belief and passion that everyone needs to consider a 'Plan B' and to set themselves up with a home-based business. At the very least to to have a side business alongside their main job or business to make the difference between living and existing long before they start being overwhelmed with the big numbers. As someone from the generation who was brought up being taught about 'jobs for life' but having lived through the recent recession to realize that the world has changed. There's a new set of rules now.

Direct Selling has allowed Wes to build a property portfolio and entirely opt-out of the rat race and the recession. He prides himself on championing the underdog, and being non-materialistic and is much more comfortable talking about experiences, adventures and holidays, rather than the size of his check, watch, car or house.

Wes has enjoyed over 50 holidays in the last five years, venturing to many far-flung parts of the world, and averaging a holiday per month. He treats every day as a 'Bank Holiday' (which is the United Kingdom equivalent of a 'Federal' or 'Public' Holiday) and his mission is to help as many people as possible do the same.

As an avid soccer fan, Direct Selling has allowed him to turn a goal into a reality as he is a referee who officiates in the top professional levels of English football in the Championship. He loves spending time with his friends and family, and is a proud uncle to Noah, and father to Coby (a Dachshund!)

Wes is very excited and honored to share the stage with so many legends and great names; and looks forward to sharing his success tips with everyone who joins us at the Network Marketing Mastermind Event.

Wes is another Mastermind faculty member you simply won't find on the usual speaking circuit. Normally to learn his insights, you'd have to be a member of his company. Like the other presenters, he's agreed to participate in this generic event, working to elevate the profession for us all. 

Frankly, most of what Wes will will be teaching at the Mastermind Event he'll be doing so for the very first time outside of his own company events. This may be your only chance to get this information.

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