Ørjan Sæle

"Earned $10 million by the age of 30...and that was just the beginning."

Ørjan Sæle
Ørjan Sæle
Oslo, Norway

Ørjan Saele is the #1 distributor and top income earner in his network marketing company.

Ørjan Saele is the #1 distributor and top income earner in his network marketing company. Even though he is a multi-million-dollar per year earner today, he actually had to borrow money to attend a Randy Gage seminar in 1997. Short on cash, but large on dreams, he had a vision for creating a large network and becoming a leader in our business.

I guess you could say things worked out pretty nicely...

Ørjan went on to build an organization that sponsored five percent of the entire country of Norway (in the age group 20-60 years)! From there his team expanded to Sweden, Denmark and Finland with similar results. This man built with such amazing speed and results, even grizzled veterans in our profession were shell-shocked. He was raking in more than $1 million a year before he was 30 years old! In fact he earned over $10 million dollars from his Network Marketing business before the age of 30.

After skyrocketing to the top of his company's compensation plan, Orjan went on to become a co-founder in his own network marketing company. But he's still active in the field, growing the team and supporting his people.

Today their company is active in eleven markets and they are the fastest growing direct selling company in five of those markets. As a publicly traded company their company has been the 'overall growth winner' the past three years at the stock exchange where they are listed.

"My parents’ financial struggle motivated me to take a journey of personal growth and business development. Now, 20 years later, my entrepreneurial spirit is leading me on a journey to help others create wealth. I will never forget the challenges of my formative years. As a fourth grader in school I could not spell my own name. Back then, that was called stupid but today we call it dyslexic."

Ørjan Sæle believes that true success is not easily attained. It is hard work. "You make lots of mistakes and get many setbacks during the continuous path of personal struggle to improve. Sometimes you are scared and question yourself, 'Will it be worth the effort?'" His goal is to help aspiring entrepreneurs stay on course, because he knows when you reach a goal, you realize that it’s definitely worth the effort.

You've probably read about him and heard his story. Now at the Mastermind Event you can meet him in person, and learn exactly how he achieved such high-level success. Orjan and his wife Hilde will be flying in from Oslo to present for you. It's worth the trip from anywhere in the world.

When not working, he loves to spend time with his wife Hilde and their very beloved children. He strongly believes in generosity so together with Hilde he supports many charitable projects. First and foremost his heart is for helping children out of poverty and into getting an education. Ørjan and Hilde are “travel-oholics” and when they´re not “on the road” or visiting some of the wonders of the world, they are enjoying living in their home located on the outskirts of Oslo, Norway.

Orjan Saele is another Mastermind Event faculty member you simply won't find on the usual speaking circuit. Normally to learn his insights, you'd have to be a member of his team. Like the other presenters, he hosts and participates in this generic event to help elevate the profession for us all.

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