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Dana Collins


Dana Collins stumbled into Network Marketing 17 years ago after she realized that the corporate career path she was on was not going to fulfill her dreams of becoming a “Desperate Housewife." 

Looking into the crystal ball, she realized in 5 years she would be a rung or two higher on a corporate ladder leaning against the wrong building. That realization propelled her to take a closer look at the profession of Network Marketing. Seeing that she could make enough money to go to the mall guilt free; she jumped in.

However, like many people from corporate she was embarrassed by the simplicity of the business and tried to jazz it up. With a strong sales background, she was able to convince others to join her. Unfortunately, the complexity she created made it impossible for those she enrolled to succeed. Dana made her guilt-free mall money; but was frustrated that she wasn't building an organization.

Dana decided to become a student of the profession and get over herself. Once she implemented foundational network marketing principals in her business, she quickly became one of the top income earners in her company and a multi-millionaire. 

Dana was honored with the highest award from her company for contributing training and tools that put her company on the map. Continuing to duplicate these fundamentals; Dana has maintained her status as a top income earner in her company for over 10 years.

Dana's biggest accomplishment to date is having 3 children; Jack 17, Grace 15, and Ava 11; staying very present in their lives while building her network marketing business. Together with Dana's life partner; Erik, a former Army Ranger and owner of a private security company, they live in Savannah, Georgia on the water. Dana enjoys traveling the world, enduring the challenge of Crossfit, attending TED conferences, and surfing.

Dana actively supports her network marketing organization as a coach and mentor. She is passionate about letting her hindsight become others' foresight so that they can create the life of their dreams.

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